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For as long as I can remember Spirit have spoke to me about unity. The need for it within ourselves, the need for it within our world and the need for it in regards to the ascension of mankind, the planet and the Universe. After all we are seeking reunification with the Divine – that is not only our aim and goal but the predisposition of our internal programming, the very thing that sits at the heart of what makes us “divine”.

In order to achieve this then there will have to be a moment when humanity realises that they are all one – that they are all the same. That despite the colour of their skin, their chosen religion or dress, despite their sexuality or gender identity, despite their language or culture they are all born from the same source, the same original power and so ultimately on a quintessential level – one!

Hopefully in time – as and when this realisation dawns – mankind as a whole will put aside their difference recognising them for the illusions that they are. They will set aside their prejudices, their hate and intolerance – their pathological need to alter or change or control one another and stop seeing each other as the problem but rather part of the solution – recognising in one another the contributory truth that makes up the whole. Hopefully at some point in time humanity will acknowledge that all are equal, all are worthy, all are essential and important to the Divine and for the divine plan to work and so all are worthy of equal amounts of respect and love.

Of course we have a long way to go BUT there is something that we – the hopefully already spiritually enlightened – can do help the process unfold and that is focus on the unity web that unless all, strengthening it, empowering it – reinforcing the unconscious connections that exist and making them conscious, live, tangible and real.

To this end now and in times of struggle, challenge and trial I would encourage you to put power into the Web of Life as this is one such piece of sacred geometry that represents the tapestry of life, the web of the wyrd that binds and connects us through the commonality of our creator as one. Use the image above or a preferred image of your own, recognise yourself as one of those tiny circles within the web and from this point radiate out – like a ripple – the love and power that is needed to power the web. do it alone or in a group but do it and do it now! Our world is under threat from dissolution, from division and prejudice, from seeming but in truth illusionary difference and it is in part down to us to hold what remains and repair what has been damaged. to put the world back in touch with itself again and realign humanity to themselves and through themselves to the all.

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