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We need a miracle …

There is no doubt that these are difficult times from challenges to democracy, despotic world leaders, climate change and the Amazon Rain Forest fires to world poverty, antibiotic immunity, trade wars spiralling out of control to the refugee crisis and an alarming increase in homophobic and race related hate crimes.

Issues that both make us feel powerless and overwhelm us – thanks to the doom laden media pumping its toxic pessimism into our ears, hearts and minds 24/7 whether we really want it or not!

Part of the difficulty is knowing what to do – as the “divine plan” – whatever that might be is often quite unfathomable. Are for instance the fires in the Amazon something intended – maybe even instigated – by the Earth Mother? Is she trying to rid herself of mankind – this insidious cancer that she has loved and nurtured for thousands upon thousands of years which now seems determined to destroy her or is it an act of humanities stupidity and greed? Are those despots who seem fearless in their flaunting of threats and terror, racism, homophobia and misogamy actually serving to shine a spotlight on that which has always been but has up until now been hiding – growing in the darkness beneath our very noses? Is mankind immunity to antibiotics leading us to new discoveries – maybe more holistic ones – forcing the medical community to explore spiritual solutions to health care and healing?

The truth is we just don’t know! So what can we do – proactively – spiritually – to aid our planet and its people without potentially applying our energy and power in the wrong direction?

The answer – work with a higher power! The higher power – whether we call it God, the Goddess, Great Spirit or the Angels knows whats going on. It has the vantage point to see the whole picture – to see the truth and therefore can help us direct our energy in the right place.

Call then upon your higher power of choice and offer yourself as a conduit and vessel through which their power might flow on Earth, directed by the higher powers will, amplified by your willingness and love for the perfect solution and sent out into the world to do what might be done.

If it helps focus on the above – miracle mandala -and chant …

Thy will – not my will – be done …

Miracles can happen and we can be part of them, part of the solution BUT far better for us to do so in accordance with the Divine rather than by applying our will upon a situation that in truth we really truly understand or realise the purpose of. By using then this simple formulae we can be used as a conduit of power, we can be inspired and directly guided and we can be sure that we aren’t in any way making the situation worse!

Good luck and happy praying!

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