The Angel of Oracles

I love, love, love finding obscure and lesser known archangels to write about, connect with an explore! Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I’m bored with the usual set – who could be – but there are sooooo many archangels (thousands, maybe even millions) for the most fascinating and often odd things that I think its wonderful to give the less well known ones a bit of air time.

Case in point – Phaldour the Archangel of Oracles and Divination!

Phaldour is one of the ancient archangels long since confined to the ranks of the fallen – probably because of his association with a practice that the Christian Church considers sinful. The truth is he is an angel of empowerment who either helps us to find a good and reliable oracle or diviner or indeed become one ourself!

He can be called upon to help us with not only the identification and development of our gifts but also the interpretation of those things we might see, hear or feel. Divination you see is a tricky art and one which requires not only practice but true development. Discovering which divination system to use – cards, crystal, runes, oracle cards, pendulum etc, etc – as well as who to use it for – the self, family, friends or others AND how to interpret and pass on what you see.

A successful diviner being – in my opinion – also an excellent communicator who is empathic, compassionate, dispassionate (paradox) and an excellent diplomat! I remember once – a long time ago – doing a reading for someone who I took a glance at and thought … “You – madam – are a bitch!” BUT not feeling that it would be appropriate to say this to my first client of the day and hostess said instead … “You are … wilful, you speak your mind, you are powerful and opinionated – which people value you for – but you take no prisoners …” to which she replied … “Oh yeas – I’m a bitch!”

Phaldour then can be called upon not only to help you “see” but also to help you express what you see eloquently and well in a way that might be totally and truthfully understood. So go on … give him a holla … I expect being so obscure he could do with the work!

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