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THE CHRISTMAS STAR 2020 – the great conjunction

Yule – the 21st of December – is a VERY special date in the Pagan calendar! It is a time in which the light of spring is called back at the point of greatest darkness to the lands frozen by winter! It is the day upon which the “child of promise” – the new Solar and Oak King is born of the Goddess mirroring the return of our own hope and promise and our own eternal divine light.

This year however December the 21st is doubly significant because of an incredibly rare astronomical event which will occur on the very same day!

On December 21st 2020, there will be a GREAT CONJUNCTION when Jupiter and Saturn will be separated by a mere 0.1 degrees, and may appear as a single bright “star” in the sky!

At this point the two planets will be so completely merged together that although a careful observer should be able to separate them in the sky with the help of a pair of binoculars, most casual observers will see them as one great luminary object!

The pair of planets will become visible at twilight, close to the southwestern horizon in the Northern Hemisphere, or the western horizon in the Southern Hemisphere. They will set within a couple of hours or so, so it is important to have a clear view toward the horizon.

Jupiter and Saturn will continue to be an impressive sight in the early evenings following December the 21st but during January 2021, however, the two planets will become lost in the glare of the Sun.

As Jupiter and Saturn will rendezvous just a few days before Christmas forming what will look like a single bright object in the sky, the 2020 great conjunction is  also being called the “Christmas star” or “Bethlehem star”. The last time it occurred being 397 years ago – the next time it will occur being in 2080 after which it will be 2417!!

Some scholars have theorized that the original Christmas star, known as the Star of Bethlehem, might also have been a great conjunction. According to Christian lore, a bright light in the sky led the Three Wise Men to the location of Jesus’s birth. Other theories aiming to explain this biblical phenomenon include a supernova explosion and comet.

So … what does it mean for mankind from a spiritual perspective?

Personally I don’t speak “astrology” – I have the benefit of living with both an astronomer and astrologer and so have always erred towards the “why have a dog and bark yourself” attitude to learning BUT I do speak angel and so look at what is about to occur from a planetary angelic perspective!

The Angel of Jupiter is Zadkiel – angel of mercy and forgiveness, karmic absolution, the Akashic Records and living manifestation of the energy of the Violet Flame! Whereas the Angel of Saturn is Cassiel, the Divine Witness  and angel of quantum disentanglement and perspective who enables us to find compassionate and empathic connection with our life (and the lives of others) whilst still maintaining the dispassionate stance needed to be unaffected and uninfected by negativity and drama!

Combine these two angels and their energy together and you have the perfect remedy to 2020! The opportunity to seize this angelic gift of power and apply it to both the self and others in order to be free, to forgive, to disentangle and cleanse and see ones life from a distanced perspective that will enable us to understand why. Why we have endured what we have endured – personally and from a planetary point of view, what it means for us and where it leads us to now! To see the gifts of 2020 – the learning opportunities and how it has empowered us, strengthened us, changed us and redefined us as human beings on a spiritual path!

How then to make the most of this opportunity?

On the day of the Solstice and indeed for many days after (though diminishing with each passing day) the combined energy of these angels will be “live streamed” towards the planet for the taking! All we have to do is open ourselves to it through petition and give ourselves some space to receive.

Find a quiet moment – 20 minutes would be great and light a candle – white might be best and burn a little incense … Frankincense would be good and play a little soothing music and call upon the angels by name – using an invocation such as …


I call upon the power and the presence of the Archangels Zadkiel and Cassiel.

Great Archangel of the Violet Flame

Divine witness of the Gods

Draw near, be with me, hold me in your light and power

That I might be released and cleared of all that I am ready to be freed from

That I might be shown all that I am ready to see.

That I might forgive in love and mercy all those who have harmed or angered me

That I might be disentangled from all those with whom I have become ensnared

That I might be made ready and prepared for all that lies ahead of me – strengthened, protected and blessed by the combined power of your touch.

This I ask for the greater good of all and to harm none in accordance with the will of my Higher Self and the Divine – so mote it be – amen! 


Then sit in the power and the presence of the energy of the Angels and allow them to flow into and around you, doing what they can and what needs to be done and after some time give them your thanks – ground and centre – blow out the candle and return to your day!

Although it is MOST important to do this on the day of the 21st you can of course continue to perform this simple ritual afterwards – if you feel the need – until the light of the “Christmas Star” can no longer be seen in the heavens.

On December the 21st Andrew and I will be offering a special hour and a half lecture – via zoom – which will focus on the magic of Yule and Christmas with ritual advice, meditations and special channellings regarding the energy and patron of the new year –  incorporating of course this incredible phenomena and opportunity! For more information and to book click on the link below … 

**This is the most INCREDIBLE Christmas gift that we are being given by the Divine! A wondrous opportunity to maximise the power of Yule and Christmas and use this conjunction for ourselves, for others and for the world. That we might move forwards from this terrible year truly empowered and prepared for all that 2021 might bring – blessed by the angels and the Divine!**



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