The Power of the Soul

The Soul – our Higher Self – the majority of our spiritual being that remains in the “other world” watching over us and guiding us throughout our incarnations is often massively under estimated and under valued.

Many would rather turn to their guides or guardian angel rather than their Soul for guidance or healing – believing that these external sources might know more or better than the humble Soul does. But who better than the Soul to know about our past lives and karma, our life path and purpose and the perfect template of our mind, heart, body and spirit?

The Soul has miraculous powers to alter the nature of our reality and perception of it in order to guide and direct us. Remarkable abilities in regards to the downloading of light codes and keys that can be activated and used to not only heal us here but also upgrade us in preparation for the challenges that are to come. It has remarkable powers of foresight and intricate understanding of our past AND of course it is connected – to all others Souls, to the Guardian Angel, to our Spirit Guides and to the Divine!

Why then are some so distrusting of it? Well possibly because the Soul works for our highest good – in order to learn and grow which may mean at times steering us towards experiences that we might find unpleasant or painful but which the Soul needs and finds exciting! Including those that might ultimately lead to the termination of our incarnation here on Earth!

This – granted – sounds rather chilling BUT the Soul sees the bigger picture, it knows that life on Earth is not the be all and end all and that even after we die here we live on – first in the Spirit World and later back inside the Soul once we unify! Life is then no more than a tiny part of the puzzle, one in many incarnations that feed the Soul with experience allowing it to clear karma and evolve, a continuation in the bigger picture of its life.

At some point – like it or not – we will all relinquish the battle between the “little will” and the “higher will” of the Soul – because this is what evolution and ascension is all about. along the way we might “individuate” – a term developed by the psychologist Jung which means develop a true self identified sense of self and true we might also change the will, mind and direction of the Soul. BUT ultimately we will grow to see the bigger picture through its eyes and let go of our small grip on reality surrendering to its higher perspective and will.

Why not then do a little of this now? Why not let go of something – starting with something small – some not potentially life threatening … handing it over to the Higher Self to do as it will, to do what it can! You might be surprised to discover that ultimately your Soul does have your best interests at heart and although it may want to experience the bitter along with the sweet and have a shelf life in mind for you it does actually want the best for you – over all.

So … go on – take a breath – give it a go – surrender and see where the Soul leads you next!

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