Bless This House

In these uncertain times our home becomes our sacred space in which we can escape the madness of the outside world and find some well earned peace. However in these crazy times of ours even that is under threat – whether it be from the intrusive news media that attacks us at every turn from radio, tv and mobile phone or from those pervasive currents of unseen energy that saturate our world in their unseen electro magnetic smog!

Keeping the home clear and clean of negative energy has never been more important then and neither has protecting the home from invading forces but how exactly might we best do this?

In truth there are many – many – ways in which we might use intent, invocation or herbs and crystals to cleanse and shield our space. In fact not too long ago I did a webinar about it for the College of Psychic Studies which you can find out more about and buy from here …

However if non of that is your cup of tea then you might want to try something a little more gentle such as … blessing!

Blessing is a powerful and yet simple act of folk magic that very probably – one way or another – we have all done from time to time, for family, friends and strangers. Simply put it is the intentioned wishing of good fortune conveyed with a gesture – like blowing a kiss – or nodding ones head with hands in prayer or through a few simple words spoke in Ernest such as …

“Have a nice day ..”

“Bless you …”

“Safe travels …”

“Be safe …”


“Be lucky …”

Blessings have long since been dismissed by many as nothing more than words BUT as we all know words are powerful and whether the influence is supernatural or psychological they impact upon us and our lives!

This was explored in a wonderful book called The Gentle Art of Blessing by Pierre Pradovand (available from Amazon) for those who might want to go into it further!

The above house blessing then is an old one and all the more powerful for it, I turned it into a picture which we have in our home – hung above our door. From time to time my eyes wonder to it and I utter its words under my breath – reinforcing the simple spell of blessing for my home and all those that might list me there.

The image is irrelevant – though nice to have – but the blessing itself is the spell that holds the power! Why not then give it a go and try speaking the blessing once a day for a week in order to see what effect it might have. you might be surprised to see that it changes significantly both you and those around you, the atmosphere in your home and the response of those who come to your door!


Go on … what have you got to use … its only words after all!



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