Fairy Folk

The Wee Folk

It’s an odd thing to think of elementals as being seasonal but in truth – in a way – they are! As the energy of plants and trees recedes into the Earth as the warmth of Summer fades to the harsh coldness of Winter so too do the elementals leave our land en large and return home to the Other World.

The Fairy Folk are no different, journey back through the Fairy Doors and Rings – the portals to the place they now call home in the Astral Plane – where they will rest and celebrate their accomplishments, tending their beloved Mother Earth for another season. Waiting for the first signs of Spring when they will return to begin the cycle again.

During this time the Earth is left in the care of the Dark Fairies and Elves – not malicious or evil spirits but rather those who are aligned to shadows and darkness and cold. The Winter Fay and Dark Eleves (translated into fairy tale Christmas Tree toppers and toy making assistants to Santa) who guard and keep the planet whilst is slumbers.

Despite then the season already beginning to turn there is still time for us to make a last minute connection to the Wee Folk, to learn from them and receive their blessing and to give to them our thanks for all they do in secret and in silence. Under the light of the Moon, in twilight, dusk and dawn – the liminal moments when the Wee Folk might be seen and known take them the offerings of your flowers, sugared milk, honey and nuts, sparkling treasures, songs, poems and love.

Almost all but forgotten now but thankfully continuing their duties they are grateful of appreciation – as any unseen worker might be – and will often reward this kind consideration with a blessing. A piece of Summer sealed inside the heart to keep you warm through winters darkness!

All hail then the Wee Folk of the Hidden Kingdom – brave, wise and eternal elementals of great magic and power – whose unwavering dedication to the Earth helps her to endure and perpetuate the cycle of her life.

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