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Reasons To Be Cheerful – part 1

I didn’t realise just how much I secretly enjoyed my working days away from home until I stopped doing them!

Don’t get me wrong – I love my home, my little office, being with Andrew and Bod (the dog). But for short blasts I quite like the buzz of London too! I like staying in hotels and flying about in taxi’s and I LOVE teaching in person to a responsive – live audience – who aren’t on mute and who you can hear laughing and know are having a good (and spiritual) time.

I’m not saying I hate Zoom – because I don’t – where would we all be without it – I for one would be living in a cardboard box under a bridge – but it’s not the same.

And although I HATE travelling – the trains here in the UK … I could tell you some tales … and often used to miss home with a heavy heart when away – I do miss that feeling of independence and bustling about and being actively busy.

So to say I have had to make some changes to my way of thinking is an understatement … rearranging my office – so its more efficient and comfortable, being more disciplined with my time – ensuring I have space for me and my spiritual practice (as well as work) have all been essential in ensuring that I didn’t loose my mind – and I can assure you for a little while there it was touch and go!

But endeavouring to make lemonade from the lemons Covid 19 has provided I have started counting my blessings and noting down my reasons to be cheerful and so here it is … part 1. 

I can wear what I dam well want – whenever I dam well want to – each and every day!

Now I know you might think – well – surely you can do that any way the truthful answer is no! You can’t … not even in the streets of cosmopolitan London … not unless you want a punch up the hooter and to be left in a bruised and bleeding heap in some seedy back ally! 

Believe you me – I know this for a fact because – in my younger days – I used to travel the world dressed exactly how I wanted to – plastic trousers, knee high Doc Martins, piercings galore AND although the world tolerated – begrudgingly – a young shaven headed youth doing such things as I got older the world around me became less tolerant and far more aggressive! 

Eventually – after a few very un pleasent experiences on the train and in the streets – I began dressing in a more sedate way in order to stay alive!

BUT here at home – out in the sticks – were we are lucky to see three other people A WEEK – if we’re lucky – I can dress as I choose! And I choose Tim Burton, gothic, pixie witch realness with a dash of ageing eccentric potter AND I AM LOVING IT!

Every day is dressing up day and I bubble with glee at what wonders I will throw together – now I dress for me – for comfort – for warmth and for the sheer gay glamour of it all wearing full jewellery to the office every day – ear rings, pendants and so many rings jammed on my fingers that they barely bend at the knuckle and its GREAT!

It’s my reason to be cheerful and I thank the Gods for it – and Covid 19 of course for the Lemons and the Lemonade!

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