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National Black Cat Day

October the 27th is National Black Cat Day … who knew!

The Black Cat is a creature which – throughout history, culture and country – has been a divisive figure, sometimes seen as an omen of good luck, sometimes of bad!

In America it is still considered bad luck for a Black Cat to cross your path – a superstition which very probably stems from the “burning times” in which Black Cats were seen as being one of the forms often taken by the witches familiar and therefore a demon in disguise. Because of this not only were those who befriended such animals suspect of witchcraft, often ending up aflame on the pyre but these cats too were often burned alive by those who feared what lurked inside them!

Cats were also considered to be the form witches could take in order to spy and move about in secret, giving good Christian folk another reason to be suspicious of them. 

Here in the UK such an animal crossing ones path is a sign of good luck – a superstition which may harken back to Egyptian times when cats were seen as the beloved creatures of Bast or Bastet the Cat Goddess and great protector.

In medieval times Cats were considered to be totems that could be used to bring forth an easy birth – as it was noted that Cats purr when giving birth to their own kittens. Because of this Cats were placed in the room with the Mother in labour that a little of their ease and grace – birth wise – might rub off as it were.

From a totemic perspective cats in general represent intuition, psychical sensitivity, mediumship and clairvoyance – whilst Clack Cats represent magic, shapeshifting and the power of the witch!

What ever your thoughts and relationship to them there is something undoubtedly supernatural about their velvety elegance and aloof, superior knowing manner that gives them an air of magic more potent than their other coloured brethren. 

Should a Black Cat cross your path then today – of all days – take heed for the Universe is undoubtedly trying to tell you something! Maybe its times to use your magic or brush off your psychic talents and put them to good use? Maybe there is something from a past life that needs to be remembered (or forgotten) or maybe … just maybe someone (or something) is watching you from inside those golden eyes! Either way … be nice to the puss … just in case!

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