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Earth Healing

Our world is in need of healing – this much surely is clear – whether you believe in climate change (and in my opinion who with a brain wouldn’t) or whether your concern lies more with pollution – energetic (Wifi, 5G etc) or pharmaceutical (pesticides and toxic waste) – our world is in need! Add to this spiritual pollution – negative thoughts, pessimism and fear and it’s easy to see that if we aren’t at crisis point yet we are heading there at full speed.

So … what to do, what to do, what to do?

Well apart from the obvious – go go Greta Thurnburg – there is always Earth Healing … there is always magic!

There is a traditional Wiccan spell for healing the physical body …

Blood to blood and Bone to Bone,

This is the spell that I intone

Sinew to Sinew and Vein to Vein

And each one shall be whole again.

… a spell that I have used many times when healing with great success, a spell that focuses on restoring harmony and equilibrium to the whole and through wholeness heals that which is out of balance, out of sync. A spell that I have adapted so that we might use it for the Earth! 

So … fix an image of the perfect Earth within your mind, our beautiful blue/green marble hanging in space with clear clean oceans and clean clear skies and fields and mountains free of toxicity and malignancy and chant these words …

Tree and mountain

Flower and stone

This is the spell

That I intone

Sky and sea

And wind and rain

Bring balance to the

Whole again

Chant the spell and give back to the world, drawing upon the power of the liminal moment in time and space that we are approaching – Halloween – Samhein – All Hallows Eve and make the world whole again!

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