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In truth we are all becoming … transforming from that which we have been led to believe we are to that which in truth we are – in essence.

Emerging from the cocoon of assumptions and accepted projections absorbed and taken from our parents, siblings and peers, our society and history into the self realised, individuated truth of our spiritual soul nature.

As this occurs we journey through stages of self reinvention, changing our hair and style and manner as we seek to bring forth the truth of who and what we are. 

Swapping at times one illusion for another, one lie for another lie but hopefully redefining and purifying the version of our self we see and seek to portray to the world until we draw close to the quintessential nature of self. 

Needless to say this can be difficult, it requires courage and faith and a willingness to mess and up and fail as much as a willingness to succeed. No one ever usually gets it right first time – or second or third or fourth or fifth … it taking in truth lifetimes to perfect. 

Sometimes the process can be fun – this self exploration and along the way we can discover things about ourself that we never imagined existed. Sometimes it can be arduous and the process of purification embarrassing and demoralising, crushing and disturbing BUT the aspiration is worth the pain.

The violet flame can help, it is the spiritual alchemical fire into which we can routinely place ourself not only to clear away negativity and darkness but also aid and encourage change towards truth. As the alchemist placed their lead into the fire, their prime matter so too can we place ourselves into the flame of the seventh ray in order to be alchemized into something grater – something more divine. 

It is often only in looking back that we realise how far we have come, how much closer to the truth we are and in doing we must be kind to ourself, forgiving and willing to let go of the harsh mistakes we made when we were more unknowing. Mercy and forgiveness and change – the three distinct qualities of the angel of the violet fire Zadkiel being virtues that we would do well to apply to ourselves as well as others.

Remember then – change is good and change that leads us closer to who and what in truth we are better – be bold then and be strong and step into the flame!


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