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12TH OF THE 12TH 2019

So … we have a general election scheduled for the 12th of December … the 12th of December!!! the 12th of the 12th on a 12 year – 2+0+1+9 = 12!!!! Interesting!

This year has been has been a special year – one in which we were guided not to reduce the 12 to a three (1+2=3) as we might usually but rather keep the 12 so that the year could be watched over and guided by the Archangel Melchizedek – King of the Angels and Archangel of Communion – the angel of the 12th Ray (according to the numerological system given to me by the Masters). 

It was only half way through the year that we were encouraged to call upon the 3 energy so that the Archangel could be assisted by the Lady Ascended Master Lady Nada – Mary Magdalene – the Ascended Master of the 3rd Ray. 

This date then – the 12th of the 12th 2019 – is surely NOT a coincidence but instead must rather be “divine timing” … something which has been brought about intentionally because of the extreme energies of the day! So … what might these energies be???

Largely the energies of the 12/12/12 will be about communion and alignment with the Divine through Universal Language – the vibrational language that the Universe speaks – namely colour, sound, sacred geometry and numerology – though synchronicity, serendipity and omen and portent also play their part! It will be a time in which we are all more closely aligned to Divine Will and the will of the higher Self (as posed to the will of the Lower Self, the Spirit (indwelling incarnate self) and the ego) AND therefore hopefully more capable of making an informed choice that is for the GREATER GOOD OF ALL!

It is a day in which we would be advised to listen to our “inner knowing” to look for the signs and to follow our hearts AND NOT OUR HEADS so that choices can be made that compliment the Divine Plan!

What is also REALLY interesting is that if you add 12/12/12 together you get 9 – the number of the Ascended Master Lady Portia – she who was Morgan Le Fay and Martha (sister of Mary Magdalene) and is the Lady Ascended Master of karmic justice, harmony, and empowerment. as well as this the 9th ray is the ray of challenge, initiation and COMPLETION! This tends to suggest that the day may very well be challenging, it may very well be an initiation that the entire country has to face BUT that if we have the courage of our convictions and can show Spirit that we are willing to listen to the whisper of the divine within and follow our hearts – doing the SPIRITUAL thing – we might finally be able to bring an end to the current misery that our country is presently in and hopefully restore some unity to the nation once again!

I have my own political interpretations of what this might mean- as I am sure so you all – and although you may find my political opinion voiced on my media platforms you won’t find them here – my blog being a space reserved for spiritual insights only. Still what I intend to do is try and remain open to the guidance that comes and see what alignments on the day guide me! Maybe you will do the same!




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