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The 1st Day of a Brand New Year … energetically speaking!

So its the 1st of November and (energetically speaking) the first day of a brand new year!

Granted the full energy of the new year won’t flood into our world until the 1st of January – when the collective consciousness – accepting that this is the “true” new year will make it so but still … from this date on the new year energy begins to flow!

So now is the perfect time to start Quantum Seeding your positive expectations for the new year, to let the universe know what you expect of it and what you want from it!

Here’s how …

1, Have clearly in mind what you want to manifest/what positive expectation you want the universe to know about. This could be positive health, wealth, happiness, success, fame, flow and grace … all of the above or something else completely. 

*Note – don’t go into detail regarding How the manifestation comes about just focus on the manifestation itself and remember to put yourself in the picture and limit the time scale to the new energetic year.


2, Focus on the image of the Flower of Life – either the one above or another that you might prefer or have at home somewhere

The Flower of Life – the underlying tapestry of life – will carry your will and wishes out into the universe.


3, As you focus on the centre of the Flower of Life begin to either think about or recite your litany of desires and as you do so let your vision wonder from the centre of the image outwards towards the outer rim.


4, Repeat three times


5, Repeat once each day for a month (to be absolutely sure) or  until and on the 12th of November – which is the Next Full Moon


And there you go … Bobs your Uncle and Fanny’s your Aunt!


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