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Managing the Collective Hysteria

No matter how robust you might be mentally or how emotionally intelligent you are I think most of us – particularly we sensitives – are feeling the strain of the mass hysteria and upwelling of panic and anxiety prevalent in the world at this moment in time!

It’s all over the socials – as the youth of today say – and seems to take up every waking minute of the radio stations. The news feeds that bombard our mobile phones are full of it and the TV news fit to burst with all sorts of dire prediction from the dreaded virus, our NHS’s impending collapse to the crazy food buying and hoarding and people choosing not to abide by the governments social distancing strategy.

As well as this there is the Collective Unconscious – to which we are all aligned and connected – meaning that even in our sleep we are not safe from the over spill of negativity and fear. There is no wonder that so many of us are succumbing to the overbearing gloom and crushing cloud of darkness that seems even more contagious than the virus itself. 

So … what to do to shield and protect ourselves and counteract this wave of heavy negativity?

Firstly the practical steps …

  • Take a break – every now and then from the radio, TV and internet – give yourself a day off. It is amazing how easy it is to forget whats going on in the world – even if its just for an hour – when you are no longer constantly checking your feeds or listening to the air waves! Even a little break – if you can’t manage a day – can have a tremendously revitalising effect upon both head and heart enabling you to recenter yourself back into the now and cherish the moment. Truth is none us know what tomorrow might bring but we know where we are now and sometimes that isn’t a bad place to be – which brings me to my second point …
  • Gratitude! Gratitude is the attitude! Be thankful for the little things that bring you peace and joy – to do so is to build up a positive reserve of energy that you can then rely upon when you are confronted by the gloom of it all. Gratitude is wonderful way of starting the day or counteracting fear, its something you can do as a family or alone and it can produce the most incredible reaction to heart and head! Start with the small things – the smell of coffee first thing in the morning, the slant of the sun through your window, the budding daffodils in your garden, the sound of your children laughing and playing, birdsong, warm beds and chocolate and then head towards the big personal stuff. You might be amazed at how much you have to be grateful for.
  • Third – counteract the negative news with positive news! The news outlets ALWAYS focus on the negative stuff and never report the good news but it is out there! Granted it might take a little bit of looking for but when you stray upon it languish over it and distribute it to friends and family. For instance did you hear that a Grandmother of 103 recovered from the virus in China! Yup you read that right 103!! I have a wonderful App on my phone called Good News Network which publishes ONLY feel good stories – it is such a boon and I am turning to it more and more these days – it’s easy to find on your smart phones App Store under that name. 

Now onto the spiritual stuff …

We are connected to the collective unconscious through the Occipital Lobe Chakra sometimes called the Gods Speak Chakra or the Psychic Gateway. This is found at the base of the cranium and used in higher vibrational mediumship. This chakra aligns us to everyone else in an unconscious way enabling us to feel the trends and ebb and flow of popular consensus. Those less evolved are easily swayed by this energy – leading them into mob mentality – whereas the more evolved can use it to predict actions and global trends. People in the fashion industry as well as multi billion pound corporations do this all the time in regards to peoples wants and dislikes as well as trends regarding shares and the such. Sensitives feel through this connection peoples moods and reactions which can be both wonderful – during Christmas or New Years Eve for example when everyone feels so loving and positive or dreadful – when acts of terror plague the Earth like the 911 terrorist attacks. Now at the moment through this centre we are receiving a silent and unseen signal of everyones fear that is souring our own nature – no matter how usually upbeat we might be! 

Shielding this chakra is essential then so that we can filter out the negative stuff and sustain a more balanced state of mind and heart and here’s how …

Place the right hand on the back of the cranium so that it falls over the boney knuckle where the skull sinks into the neck – if you physically can’t do this then focus your thoughts here. Now visualise either a golden seal – like a disc – or if you are very good at visualising a golden Flower of Life symbol. Ask that this be strengthened by your Guardian Angel and that it filter out any and all negative energy flowing into you from the Collective Unconscious. Hold you hand here for a slow count of ten and then release.

You can do this once a day if you’d like or once a week if you are more confident in your powers, doing it before you go to bed would be a good time or first thing in the morning depending upon your routine.

As well as this keep the rest of the energy system clean using the usual methods, showering with intent, smudging the self with White Sage, drawing the Violet flame into the chakras and aura etc. you can even pop either an Amethyst or Obsidian under the pillow at night to further help cleanse and clear any of your own subconscious stuff whilst you are sleeping – add a little Rose Quartz, Lavender (just a pinch) and Rosemary for sweet dreams!

If we are going to see this through – AND WE ARE – then we must focus on our mental and emotional well being as well and we must not forget the subtle links that we can suffer from – like this one – too! 

Stay safe and well people and PLEASE do feel free to pass this message on!


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