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Caring for those Elders Self Isolating during Corona Virus Covid 19

My elders – my Mum and Dad – have now long been in Spirit and although I miss them every day – with all my heart – there is a part of me that is relieved and thankful that I don’t have to be worrying about them during these difficult times. As my sister quite rightly said during one of our recent Facebook chats, my Mother would have been a nightmare to have kept in the house!

But what about those of you who do have elderly relatives and friends that you are worrying about now, men and women up and down the country doing the right thing – self isolating – who you can’t visit or be with and who you are on a daily basis worried and concerned about? 

And what about you – yourself – if you are one of these people? Despite the wisdom of your years I am sure some of you at least must be a little scared and concerned about taking care of yourself during this time. Well … as the Divine says … there is an angel for that!

The Arcangel Assiel, who’s name means Gods Nurturing Light, is the angelic carer – if Raphael is to be considered the angelic doctor – spiritually speaking then Assiel would be his nurse! Raphael’s power comes and when healing has been given goes but Assiel’s power and presence remains. Administering to the ongoing needs of the individual, continuing with their healing and watching over them in a protective and caring way.

In the last year of his life my Dad was diagnosed with rapid onset vascular dementia, my Mother lived near Ely and I in Northumberland, my sister was battling cancer – so out of action on the caring front – and my brother living in Germany so my Mum – who was in her late 80’s – his soul carer! Needless to say I was worried – what if he fell or she fell? What if he wondered off or got violent? I felt helpless and scared for all concerned and so every day I turned to the Archangel Assiel and prayed that he watch over them both, administering care and healing when it was needed – when he could! 

One week I popped down to visit her and took her out for a shop, Dad was still ok (or so we thought) to be left home alone then and Mum needed a break. However when we returned to her bungalow we discovered her warden at the door just about to let herself in! My Dad had fallen and had pressed his alarm pendant – something he had never done before! Inside we discovered him on the floor in his bedroom, he had fallen INTO his grandfather clock shattering the glass panelled door, the fragments of which were scattered about his head like a halo!! However when we picked him up and sat him in his chair we discovered no broken bones, no bruises or scratches, no cuts or gashes – nothing! In fact he seemed in remarkably good spirits and said that he had always wanted to press his pendant button and so today had been a good day!

There is no doubt in my mind that this was the Archangel Assiel – cushioning him as he fell, guiding the glass away from his head and holding his spirit in his hands! I gave thanks that day and prayed even harder as the days commenced that this incredible angel continued to watch over them both and I believe he did.

As well as helping with this then …

Assiels centers is the Solar Plexus and it is from here that this healing angel can help open up feelings of selfworth. Lack of self worth can present a healing from “sinking in and sticking” Assiel says, particularly in the elderly who might consider that their worth is past and their time is up! The state of mind of a person who comes for a healing – or to whom we send healing to can greatly influence how effective that healing is. Faith – of course – is not necessary in a healing, BUT it really helps. Faith provides a healing entrance, allowing the healing to work more powerfully.

Angel Assiel is usually clothed in yellows and greens, he can have a youthful appearance but equally can appear like a friendly old gardener – tending Gods flowers (mankind) who are in need like the image shown above. This appearance can be less frightening to the elderly – some of whom have a distrust of those who appear too young! Assiel can help with  the prevention of people building up barriers too – whether this be barriers formed from despair, not wanting to be a trouble or simply loneliness – he is THE angel for these times.

As an Archangel he is transcendent of time and space and therefore can be in as many different places as is needed seemingly instantaneously – he also leads a legion of lesser angels – his staff – that he can allocate when push comes to shove so PLEASE don’t feel you can’t call upon him for your needs. Here then is a suggested prayer you might want to use which can be said every day. I hope it helps both those in need as well as you yourself feel a little less powerless in these trying and difficult times.

Light a candle – yellow, green or white and keep this specifically for this angels prayer.

Archangel Assiel

Gods Nurturing Light

Carer and Nurse

Aid me

Watch over those who are in need

Those that I care for but cannot care for at these times

That they might be protected by your grace and power

And administered to by your healing light

In the Divines name

Let this be so, so mote it be, amen.

Spend a moment focusing on those that you are asking for healing and caring for and if it helps say their names. Now give thanks and blow out the candle.

The line … watch over those who are in need, those that I care for but cannot care for at these times etc … can be replaced if you are calling upon the angel for yourself with … watch over me and care for me, that I might be protected and administered to by your healing light. 

PLEASE PLEASE feel free to share and as always stay safe and well.

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