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Back to Basics – A Coping with Covid 19 Post

I don’t usually post other peoples stuff – and let me assure you this won’t be a regular thing but rather a one off so PLEASE don’t inundate me with requests to share your musings! But Angela is a dear friend and trusted spiritual teacher and healer who practiced and taught from the College of Psychic Studies in London – an establishment of the highest standards – for many, many years! She was prompted to send me her thoughts on what might help many people at this trying time and I was prompted to post them here!

It’s time to “remember our training” and acknowledge the value of the basics which during crazy times we are all too prone to overlook no matter how valid they are! Happy reading …


Dear friends

Edwin, as ever, has given us some good advice to help us in these strange and difficult times.

There are so many more practical things we are having to think about now to attempt to keep us and our loved ones healthy and safe – both in body and spirit.

So, forgive me for banging on about one of my favourite subjects – grounding!!

It is vital at this time to keep ourselves as calm as possible and to try hard not to be caught up in the global stress so that we can use our energy to keep ourselves well and to help others.

Here then – if you wish to read on – is a little reminder with some of my notes on grounding.

To be well grounded means to be living in the body, to fully experience the physical life and be able to learn, understand and progress. The more conscious we are the more we feel. 

It means to be focused, decisive, strong, stable and organised. When grounded the body can be stronger and healthier.

Even if we are generally grounded it is easy to lose it particularly if we are anxious, unwell or especially if we are stressed. So that means it is important to be very vigilant of how well we are connected to the earth energy as much and as often as we can. 

If we are ungrounded it is very easy to lose our boundaries and detachment. It becomes easy to feel other people’s pain and easy to pick up other’s ‘stuff’ .

So, what do we do. The tough part of course is that we have to remember to do it for ourselves. 

General reminders

  • Eat well and drink lots of water etc.
  • Walking is my favourite or gardening if you have one. If the gym is your thing then be aware that the energy is pretty awful and as at all other times particular care needs to be taken on energy hygiene.
  • Some like homeopathy – some say arnica helps or Bach oak remedy.
  • Hematite is a good and reasonable crystal. Generally dark coloured – black, brown or deep red crystals.
  • The head needs to be where the feet are – rather than spinning off elsewhere out of the moment. Writing is very good for clearing the head.
  • Most important is probably the breath. Bringing in and focusing it into the chest, down to the abdomen and then to the base and down through the feet and into the earth.
  • Many visualisations are excellent and choose what is best for you and create your own. The oldest is probably visualising roots down from the feet and going deep into the earth and spreading out to the other roots. Also visualise roots or energy down from the spine into the earth.
  • One of my favourites when alone is sounding the Om or any vibration sound focusing it inwards in the body rather than outwards.
  • If you like angels, as I do, then your favourite Angel – mine for grounding is Archangel Michael will help you.

There are so many ways. Another couple I enjoy are …

  • Standing with my arms out slightly to the side and feeling myself as a mountain. It is quick and powerful.
  • The other is standing with legs a little apart and hands resting in the Hara (just under the belly button and feeling the strength. That is good if you have someone or people in front of you who are trying to exercise power over you.

Grounding is the safest way to start protecting the energy along with your other practises. To stand in your own power is vital.

Find your own way that suits you but the moment you get out of bed in the morning – just give your feet on the floor a quick thought and it will help to start the grounding settle back after your sleep. As often as you safely can, just take a nano second to think of your feet.


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