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Unless you are fortunate enough to be living in a cave some where – free from people, radio, TV and the internet – you are probably struggling with stress on one level or another. Either because of political, environmental, familial (as we are approaching Christmas) or financial concerns!

Stress is an insidious killer that filters and permeates into our thoughts and feelings and bones in a slight and secretive way – overwhelming before we even realise we were really concerned about anything!

In our current age – where we are bombarded by input from mobile phones, billboards, newspapers and the radio it is surprisingly easy to absorb worry and concern in an unconscious way. The negativity broadcast with relish and delight by the news industry weathering and wearing until we find ourselves on our knees with fear.

Prehnite is a WONDERFUL remedy for this – it is a distresser extraordinaire – combing through our energy system and encouraging it to relax and let go, freeing us of the anxious toxic worry, concern and fear that we have both absorbed and are clinging on to.

Hold it, touch it, stroke it and place it under your pillow at night – to help release stress from the subconscious mind and encourage deep and restful sleep and place it over the heart when lounging to free the heart from turmoil and worry.

A tincture of the stone – which can be easily and safely made by placing out near – but not into – a jug of water for a day – can then be drunk, taken like a tincture or even poured into bath water to further aid in the releasing process.

A modern day marvel and remedy for our times it should – in my humble opinion – feature in everyones crystal first aid kit!

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