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I had heard of Blue Moonstone, Black Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone and of course true Moonstone before but never Green Moonstone! But there it was – shining at me from the crystal cabinet at the College of Psychic Studies. Later I was delighted when a dear friend – Maria – made a gift of it to me!

The green of the stone is – in my opinion – VERY earthy and for me there has always been a connection to the Earth and Moon through the Goddess who is seen as being both Goddess of the Earth and Goddess of the Moon by we Pagans.

For me then Green Moonstone embodies the power of the Moon in the Earth, the light of the Moon absorbed and carried within the body of the planet, the Luna energy combined with the telluric energy of our Mother planet!

When we work with Green Moonstone we get the best of both worlds, we get the intuitive, receptive, magical and psychical energy of the Moon combined with the grounded, practical, physical energies of the Earth enabling us to better ground, manage and channel the energy of moonlight in and through our bodies. Allowing us to make sense and use of the airy, watery quality of the Moons power in a more day to day practical way.

Perfect too for anyone working with biodynamic energies – the way in which the Moon effects the growth of plants and flowers for the manufacturing of wines, foods and flower essences etc – this is a must have stone for Wiccans and Goddess lovers and anyone seeking a deeper, physical relationship and understanding of the Divine Feminine.

Lastly sleeping with the stone is a pure delight, it brings the restorative energy of the Green Ray – the physical life force and healing power of the Earth – into the deep emotional and unconscious realms! VERY healing and VERY magical – I cannot recommend this stone enough!



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