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I thought it was about time I posted some more articles on crystals so all this week I am going to be reviewing some crystals that are new to me and sharing with you my findings starting with Ancestralite!

Judy Hal – a dear friend of mine – talks about the power of Ancestralite to clear ancestral blockages freeing the way for you to reclaim your torment or blocked “power”. Which I totally agree with … however … I also believe the stone can be used in a very different way too!

For me ancestors have always been much more than just relatives – be them near or distant – for me ancestors are those who have “walked the path before us” whether they be healers, seers, cunning folk, witches, mediums, channels, magicians or spiritual teachers!

As we journey on the path we will begin to identify ourselves with those who we strive to emulate or follow, our peers and fellow healers, diviners or teachers who have paved the way with their ground breaking pioneering work. the Helena Blavatsky’s and Kevin Core’s … the Betty Shine’s and Doris Stoke’s and Israel Regaudie’s and Murray Hope’s of this world. 

These to me are my “spiritual ancestors” who can be leaned upon, called upon, drawn upon for guidance and support and power using stones such as Ancestralite! 

Not in such a way as to delay and distract them on their path in Spirit you understand, not in a literal way at all but rather to access the legacy they have left behind in the eather, in the Akashic Records and the information pathways of the Universe that the stone Ancestralite can help us tap into.

Hold the stone in your hand then and think about the person you would seek assistance from, the wisdom or power or support and guidance you are after – these famous and infamous peers are archetypes in the eather and Ancestralite can help you to find their pool of energy and thoughts and draw from its bounty and reserve. Empowering you, steering you and enriching you with their accumulated wisdom and sight.

Give it a try … you might be surprised by the results!

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