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KINDNESS IS KEY – a St Germain channelling …

All too often in this day and age kindness is seen as a weakness – rather than a power. A view which is of course is simply not true.

Kindness – no matter how small or casually given – can transform a day of misery into hope – it can raise the destitute to the heavens and heal those wounds of the heart and spirit that no human salve can touch.

It is an essential in life – to both give and to receive – so that it might shape both giver and receiver and inspire them to be more kind to others and to the self!

Now then – more than ever before – kindness is NEEDED – this free gift, which costs nothing being an antidote to the fear and sadness, the loneliness and pessimism which is breeding just as fast as the pandemic is upon your Earth AND not only is it important to give this wonder to each other – each and every day but it is too important that you gift it to yourself also!

Mankind is approaching the end of a VERY long year! One that has for many stretched on endlessly – bringing hardship and pain, illness and disease and even to some death. As we approach the finish line of 2020 humanity psychologically begins to allow the intense reality of their exhaustion to be felt more deeply and as result of this tolerance levels dip and stamina begins to seemingly fade away. 

During such a time it is ESSENTIAL that we are kind to ourselves as well as to each other – taking time to recognise our needs and cater to them, giving ourself permission to be tired, to rest, to sleep in or take an afternoon nap. To take time for ourselves to be alone – if we need to be or to be in the company of others (safety measures allowing) if that is what our Soul requires.

For some this is hard – it is easier for them to be kind to others than the self – for others there is no other option – either because they are always seen as “the one who copes” and therefore never considered or because there is no one in their life to show them this grace.

Being kind to ones self is key! Giving yourself permission to show yourself the same love and c compassion that you might all so easily extend to those around you.

So … as the year wanes and tempers fray, as dark nights draw exhaustion deep from within the body and the soul, as we look back at the year that has passed and mourn our loses and count our triumphs and achievements – be kind. Be loving … smile, offer thanks, show gratitude, be thoughtful … to others and yourself, to friends and family, to strangers and spirits, to the Gods and to the spirit of the year.

Show kindness and know that this gift, this light has the power to set you and so many people free from the gloom that they carry at this time, lifting – if even for a moment – the weariness of their soul and setting them free … to smile.

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