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We are all – at all times – surrounded by negative energy of one kind or another and although these days we are becoming more mindful of this – particularly in regards to electromagnetic smog and the such there is still the risk that we might be so desensitised that we won’t notice just how over dosed we have become on the stuff until its too late!

All day – every day (unless you are a hermit or completely off grid) you will find that negative voices, judgement, trolling, bitchiness, back stabbing and injustice filters into your brain! from the news, the neighbour, the friend or family member, the paper, the TV and radio and of course the collective unconscious! Like grime it sits and settles on the body, sinking in and accumulating until before we know we are overwhelmed and our systems suffering from toxic shock!

Our mood may steadily plummet, our optimism fade, we may feel weighed down and doubtful, fearful and paranoid inclined more and more to stay in doors and hide away from the world! Depression can set in, taste and colour dimming, energy sapping away and along with it hope, a black maw opening to swallow us whole induced by the toxic waste of others to which we have become exposed!

Regular cleansing of the self, our space and sometimes those around us is then essential! Whether we use the violet flame, the Archangel Zadkiel or St Germain, Michaels electric blue flame or white sage, besoms, bells or singing bowls. 

One excellent tool – to which I often turn – is crystals – Obsidian being excellent – as is Tourmaline but other alternatives like the very cheap Black Onyx or the easy to come by Jet which are often overlooked being equally as good if not more so for gently combing through our energy and aura – quietly – silently in the back ground, cleaning us and freeing us from harm!

Set too it then now – there is no time like the present – cleanse yourself and set yourself free – you might be amazed at how much better you feel and suddenly how bright the way ahead seems again!

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