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The Stellar Gateway


I find myself becoming increasingly frustrated these days when standing at my stall at Mind, Body spirit fairs chatting to self proclaimed “Reiki Masters” or “Master Healers” who haven’t got a clue what a chakra is! 

Back in my day … and yes I realise how old that makes me sound … the chakras were one of the first things you learned about in healing – these vortexes of energy being so vital to the maintainance of health and well being on a holistic level. These days – unfortunately – that no longer seems to be the case and more and more healers rely upon spirit or the energy to do the work, no longer feeling the need to bother themselves with the detail!

But the devil is in the detail – as they say – and not knowing about the chakras is to me like a surgeon not really knowing what the organs of the body do – just following his step by step guide on how to do an appendectomy and pray the gods that everything goes right without any complications! Because – you know – the world is never plagued with those right?

Of course things are also much more complicated nowadays than they were – what with the emergence of transpersonal chakras and the such – making the energy system which was already quite mind boggling even more so, placing greater demands upon the conscientious healer to know their stuff.

To this end then – I have decided to write a few blogs posts on chakras less known but vitally important now and decided I would start at the top with the Stellar Gateway.

This chakra sits high, high above the head – above the Crown centre, above the Soul Star chakra – there are those who offer specific measurements but to be honest this placement is allegorical rather than literal. The “high above your head” is really a reference to its high vibrational frequency rather than its literal geographical location but when we think of it as being there we instantly get the idea that its a high chakra – as it were.

In Atlantis this chakra was referred to as “The Point” it is our personal worm hole or dimensional portal to the core and nucleus of our Soul – referred to as the I Am Presence. This is that part of our being, that part of our Higher Self which is eternal and infinite. The core and seed of our Soul, that part of us which is Divine.

It is the original cell taken from the body of the Source (God/Goddess/the Divine – call it what you will) and given free will and life outside of the Great Spirit. It was from the I Am Presence that the Soul body – the Higher Self – formed, the complex structure of energy and consciousness which now governs incarnation and dictates spiritual destiny.

The I Am Presence remaining at the core and centre – the spiritual nuclear power core of the Soul – harbouring the magic of miracle and creation – the perfect microcosmic holographic fragment of its origin – God – capable in potential of everything that the Source is capable of!

When we access the I Am Presence through the Stellar Gateway – a chakra often visualised as swirling nebula cloud of stars orbiting a vortex like black hole portal – we are accessing our divine power, our miraculous energy, the power of our divinity and eternity, the magic of the Gods Spell. This can provide us – only when flowing in accordance with Divine Will and the will of the Higher Self – potentially with limitless miraculous power that we can use to effect our body, our consciousness and our reality and sometimes the realities of others too – though never against their free will. 

Maybe more importantly it can also help us to feel our eternal self, our infinite nature – to transcend the illusion of being finite and limited and transitory and recognise that – in one way or another – we have always been and will always be. One time as the Divine and one time again in the future as the Divine when we ultimately return to the whole.

This chakra then very rarely becomes blocked but our connection to it often does as we allow our own consciousness or the static energy of our current reality to distance us from this awareness of our eternal being. Clearing then the line of energy that connects us – the central energy channel the Shushumna is key as is clearing the higher chakras that stand between our consciousness and it which I will talk about later. Needless to say the Violet Flame – an alchemical fire energy found on the 7th Ray – which exists in all dimensions can be called upon to heal and clear this path as can its patrons the Archangel Zadkiel and the Ascended Master St German.

Want a little extra help connecting with this centre? Try working with Diamond, Herkimer Diamond, Phenocite, Morganite or very, very, very clear Quartz!

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