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The Soul Star

The Soul Star Chakra sits between the Stellar Gateway and the Crown Chakras – often portrayed as being like a brilliant multifaceted diamond it is a way station for the Soul where light codes and keys and returning positive karmic memories and skills are stored until the incarnate self – the Spirit – is ready to receive them!

Timing you see is crucial in regards to our spiritual evolution – its no good us having all the answers – before we’ve encountered the questions and no good us having the power or the knowledge before we have met the need! however at the same time as and when situations occur that demand the manifestation of such things these memories, keys and powers need to be easily accessible by the spirit, close by – vibrationally and dimensionally speaking – so that once the Soul authorises their descent they can enter into our energy system easily.

Light codes and keys are like system upgrades, energetic programming for the energy body that enables it to leap forwards in regards to its spiritual functionality whereas positive karmic return are remembrances from past lives that enable us to be able to do things that we did once before – such as see the future, heal the earth, be clairaudient, paint, dance or sing! These remembrances enable the energy body to adopt the shapes that it once knew so that it might replicate the abilities and powers that we once had!

As well as this the Soul Star can hold light codes and keys for other people or other places – codes and keys sent tot us by the Soul – on behalf of the Divine – that we might carry them to another and serve as a catalyst for their evolution. sometimes offering this for the Earth herself by transmitting codes and keys directly into the planetary body.

This is why sometimes we meet people for no other reason than to pass on this light, this is the reason we are at times compelled to go to this workshop or that lecture – so that we might carry and transmit to these people in need the light that we have access to which at that moment in time they do not! this is why we are compelled to visit this place or that stone circle, this church or that cathedral – not for ourselves but so we might play our part in sharing the light of the Divine to the world!

Though largely then monitored over and activated by the Soul we can become a conscious participant in the Soul stars use by offering ourself in service that we might then become the willing consciousness for the transferal of this power. silently carrying the light for the Divine to where it needs to be and to whom needs it the most. 

And of course we can too access the power of the Soul star for ourselves when we feel stuck or in need of something that we don’t possess and if our desire and need flows in accordance with the wisdom of the soul receive the power and light of our own power returned to us.

Phenocite or Morganite can help in aligning to the Soul Star as can of course Diamond!

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