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The Occipital Lobe Chakra

The Occipital Lobe Chakra goes by many other names like the Well of Dreams Chakra, the Eighth Chakra, the Psychic Gateway or the Zeal chakra or even the Mouth of God!

This chakra is situated at base of the skull and back of the neck where the cranium ends in a boney knuckle and descends into the softer flesh of the neck and beginning of the spinal column.

Once considered as one of the new chakras it is now more widely known though – in my opinion and the opinion of others it has not received the kind of attention it deserves.

When activated, this chakra is responsible for the flow of information from the higher dimensions helping us develop what might be termed as Higher Vibrational Mediumship, Ascension Mediumship or Higher vibrational channelling abilities.

This chakra also helps in the recollection of dreams and unconscious astral travel making it most useful in the unifying of consciousness and the developing of the transcended and ascended mind.

However it is also vulnerable to attacks from lower energies, negative thoughts and negative entities and so as and when this chakra comes online spiritual shielding is essential! This can be done by visualising a golden disc on the back of the neck which will act as a filter enabling only positive energy to enter in. If you are lacking in confidence in regards to your visualisationary gifts then ask your guide or guardian angel to help.

Some of the symptoms of the awakening of this chakra are headaches, tension in the neck and upper shoulders, sudden and spontaneous moments of channelling, powerful intuitive clarity and sudden and spontaneous hyper clairvoyant experiences all of which initially will be fleeting . 

The chakra can help with the understanding of the laws of karma, it can help to focus and brings concentration in meditation and prayer and enable the understanding that deepest satisfaction is attained through service.

It can help to brings realisation of the conditions we create ourselves by the programming of our unconscious and can facilitate a letting go of unwanted patterns.

It can bring joy back into life after a period of grieving, help support deep work with the inner planes on a conscious level – including nightly interaction with the Soul and our natural plane of vibrational resonance – where we gain nurturance when sleeping. it can help with over sensitivity in regards to energy and chemicals – including foods, as well as with transitions of all kind.

The colour of this chakra is Magenta and the crystal aligned with it Sugilite or Pink Tourmaline – interestingly Sugilite is one of the most protective stones that can be worn by the light worker surrounding them not only in a shield of light but also a shield of love – Divine Mother love to be precise! It may be then that in order to work with this chakra such high vibrational protection is advised! In general the chakra is awoken by the Soul when it considers its Lower Self to be ready to embrace and work with the powers that the chakra brings. Although it is possible to stimulate the chakra the self – by drawing light into it – this might not be wise as being made open to these energies and realms before the consciousness is truly ready could prove challenging for both heart and mind!

The Archangel aligned to this chakra would be Tzaphkiel – Angel of the violet flame and Archangel of the love of the Divine Mother.

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