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The Darkness

Last weekend I was away in London working at the College of Psychic Studies. I had a heavy schedule – two lectures, two full day workshops and then home Sunday night so I could crack on with writing the final chapters to my new book.

I had been concerned about the weather and so had taken great care in making my prayers so that my journey would be protected and flow with grace – which it was and did BUT I forgot to place protection around myself once in London leaving myself open to interference from the Darkness!

I am a believer in dark forces, the bane, the Brotherhood of Shadows – call it what you will. I believe in Demons and the Devil (in a way) and those forces that arose the light. I have had experience of them and encounter them regularly but not in the way in which most people might imagine.

The Darkness seeks to pose the light, to prevent unity and ascension, to discourage belief and spiritual illusion, to sour the good in the world, the good that we do. It is clever and efficient – using an economy of energy to accomplish its goals. It very rarely shows its hand choosing rather to work through a persons doubt or fear or prejudice or through inconvenience and mischief. Wearing a person down with inconvenience and irritation rather than possession and haunting.

So – after two lectures already given – Saturday morning at 2:45 am the fire alarm in my hotel went off and we were evacuated from the building! In my panic – I have never experienced this before – I bashed my head on the bedside lamp and dashed out the door remembering my shoes, key card and mobile phone but forgetting my coat! It 10 degree’s outside but colder in the wind and we – the 20 + people staying the hotel that night – stood out int the street for 45 minutes before we were allowed back in … back in the reception that is! Because although the fire alarm was faulty and there was no fire it could not be switched back on for fear it would go off again and as there was no manager present – just two night staff – we weren’t allowed back in our rooms until authorisation was granted. So eventually – after many frantic phone calls by the poor harangued night staff – we got back to bed at 4:45am!!!!!!!

Up at 7am the next morning I headed off to the college to teach for 7 hours – give or take a lunch and tea break or two.

Back that night – beyond exhausted I arrived back at the hotel to discover that the restaurant was closed at the chef hadn’t turned up for work! I was so exhausted all I could manage was to drag myself to the local Tesco’s and grab a sandwich! 

After all this you would think I would have slept like a king – oh no! I tossed and turned – fretful and fearful that the alarm might go off again, waking the next morning – up at 7 am – to do another 7 hour workshop. I returned home on the train – the workshops a success – utterly shattered and upon my return promptly manifested the worse streaming cold I’ve had in a good wee while – feeling utterly sorry for myself but unable to properly rest because of my hectic book deadline. 

It was a mare of a weekend!

Still – to me it indicates how desperately the forces of darkness wanted to thwart the work I and my workshop attendee’s did that weekend – highlighting just how important it was. PLUS it goes to remind me that as much as the darkness attempts to sour the day they also will try and sour the situation after the event too – as this is as important as the moment itself! If they can get you to look back in anger and think – what was the point of all that hard work? What thanks do I get from Spirit? Where were they when I needed my rest? Why do I bother putting myself through it – then they have won!

The moral of this little tale of woe then is this – protection, protection, protection – all you light workers, spiritual teachers, psychic readers and mediums! Your work is important and the Darkness will try and disrupt anyway they can! Not with devils and demons but with fire alarms and absent chefs! By wearing you down and winding you up and trying to make you pissed and exhausted!

So … when you know that the work you are doing is important cover the event with light and call in help – an invitation for intercession is sometimes all that is required in order to get the legions of light onside – and guarantee yourself a good nights sleep!

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