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The Angel of Positivity

Here is a message from the Archea Itqual – the female Archangel of Positivity.

“It is most challenging to be positive in a world where there is so much negativity. So much fear and anger and grief and pain and yet that is your challenge – each and every day.


Well – not only because positivity helps – on so many levels – decreasing blood pressure, strengthening mental acuity, boosting the immune system and aligning you to the abundance of the Universe but also because it is a much happier space in which to live!

Positivity – however misguided it might be at certain times in your life – enables you to be, to endure, to exist in a brighter space than one of doubt or pessimism or fear and so surely it is the more desired of spaces in which to live.

Positivity requires strength and courage, bravery and will – it requires you to be in the now moment and in that moment to take note of the wonder of your life and be grateful for it! It requires you to centre yourself in that moment in time in which you stand and recognise and acknowledge all of those things in your life that bring you merriment and joy and love and to use this feeling to give you the power to continue on. 

In truth – all we have is the now. Tomorrow is not with us yet and no one – NO ONE – knows for sure what it may bring, it is an illusion, a ghost which we can choose to allow to haunt us – if we will – by giving it energy and power over the now. By investing in what might be, what might happen. However the truth is that in the now none of us actually know! So what is the point in exhausting our energy feeding a possibility that might never happen rather than enjoying the now and using that enjoyment to feed ourselves with light?

Be then thankful in the now for life and wellness, for food and warmth, for comfort and love and home. Be thankful for blue skies and birdsong and sunlight, for cool air and and sweet rain and for the wonder of each new breath and each new day and each sweet moment of life. Be thankful and use that joy, that power to forge a hopeful bridge, a path of belief and positivity in what may come. Helping to create a future born of light and hope rather than of darkness and fear.

Work then with this power – this power that you have now to choose how you will be, how you will react, how you might influence those around you who might be in fear. For you are greater than you know and your power to effect your reality is greater still.

In prayer then call upon me that I might lend my power to your own and help to steer your heart towards belief in the positive and possible that may truly lay ahead.

In the Divines name then let this be so, so mote it be, amen”

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