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As those of you who know me will be aware I have a thing about discernment! It forms a BIG part of my work/life ethic and I tend to bang on about it ALL the time!

Every time I do a workshop – every time I give a lecture – it’s one of the first things I talk about during the day. The need for us to be discerning, to listen to our intuition and our hearts. To be open minded – yes – and open hearted – for sure BUT ultimately if we read, hear or see something that doesn’t “resonate” with us, that doesn’t fit comfortably in our existing belief system, that leaves us feeling disquiet and unsure TO QUESTION IT!

Spiritual teachers, channels and psychics (ABSOLUTELY including myself) get things wrong ALL the time! They might not admit to it and they may have become deft at covering it up BUT its true! We are human, we are callable, we make mistakes! 

I have always seen it as the audiences job to DISCERN when that might be the case! To divine when their truth is more accurate than the channels, or teachers, or psychics or authors so that they might stick to it – rather than giving their power away to someone else because they think they must know better!

Personally I don’t want your power – I have enough on my plate dealing with my own and frankly anyone who does encourage you to belief in them and their words without question is not anyone you really want to be following! Freedom of thought – personal opinion – personal truth are the things that encourage ascension and should never be discouraged in anyone!

Of course its not just in the spiritual community that we have to be discerning! These days there is so much “fake news” out there that we have to be just as – if not more so – discerning in life too! Lets take the Carona Virus scare for example … over the past week I have read articles saying that it is an ascension symptom! That if we all stay in our hearts we won’t be infected?!? The any vaccines that might be developed are secretly going to be filled with nano chips to monitor the public!?! And that we can self diagnose at home by holding our breath!!!

Personally if I find myself sat opposite someone on the train sweating like a glass blowers arse and coughing their lungs up I won’t be hanging around to “stay in my heart” or holding my breath to check I haven’t caught the virus … I’ll be vacating my seat and heading to nearest bathroom to wash my hands – happy birthday, happy birthday (thats a reference to how long for) – thank you very much!

So … discernment here, now, in regards to this too is CRUCIAL! Me I prefer to listen to an expert, someone who knows their onions, someone with a little kudos and qualification. to this end I have added here a link to a Huffington Post article which – personally so far – seems to be the most down to earth, logical and rational stuff I’ve read about the virus so far!

In the meantime then PLEASE lets all be a little more discerning, with our spiritual lives, in life in general and PARTICULARLY in regards to whats going on at the moment! Check the facts you read before sharing them and listen, listen, listen to your intuition and your hearts! We must all – of course – abide by our own truth but we must also make it clear that this is only at the end of the day our opinion or at least the opinion of another and sometimes … maybe sometimes choose not to share if we think that it might be either dangerous or irresponsible to do so, frightening for people or unnecessarily panic arousing or just simply better something that we work with rather than encouraging all and sundry to do.

Right … now go and be discerning with that – it’s the only way to be!


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