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Self Promotion!

Throughout my 29 years working as a self employed Spiritual Teacher and Clairvoyant Channel I have had to learn how to self promote! In the beginning I found it excruciatingly difficult and relied upon others to do the heavy lifting for me – heaven knows where I would have been without Carole Humber, Elfi Courtenay, Sue Little, Anne Noon, Steve…

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As those of you who know me will be aware I have a thing about discernment! It forms a BIG part of my work/life ethic and I tend to bang on about it ALL the time! Every time I do a workshop – every time I give a lecture – it’s one of the first things I talk about during…

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Yesterday was Valentines Day – a day that celebrates love – new love, just beginning and old love fully formed and mature. In our modern day it has also become a day for the “self partnered” (I love that phrase) to focus on loving themselves! On celebrating all the wonderful things about being single, all the wonderful things that they…

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EVERYONE seems to be more than happy to lie about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING these days! From politicians blatantly lying about their policies and their party’s own history to celebrities lying about their private life and talents to spiritual teachers – lets say – making “bold claims” about their powers, spiritual work and how many copies of their books they’ve sold…

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It seems to me that there is rather a lack of integrity in the world at the moment! Not only from our politicians and religious leaders – though lord knows there is certainly a lack of integrity there – but also from those who might both consider themselves to be spiritual and indeed proclaim that they are! Quite recently I’ve…

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