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What to do with the answers?

We are all searching for answers. Whether it be the nature of our life path and purpose, our souls origin or whether or not we have a Soul Mate, what our psychic gifts might be or who our guides are. On the spiritual path the search for these truths is never in short supply – and thank the Gods for it or I (and many other psychics, mediums, channels and clairvoyants like me) would be living in cardboard boxes on the street!

But when we get these answers – whether it is via an oracle of sorts or by our self – what do we do with them?

The answer itself you see is not enough – despite what people might think. For knowledge – unless it is put to good use – is not a magic wand that changes everything but rather an inert firework – waiting forlornly in its box to be lit and embrace its destiny in the sky!

Answers then MUST be worked with! They must be contemplated, pondered and ruminated on – in order to discern their truth and then researched, explored, investigated and assessed to see how they can be actualised and developed in life!

Firstly then we shouldn’t take an answer for granted or at face value – we should first treat it with a degree of scepticism and disbelief – waiting to see if either it “resonates” or confirms that which we already know or have already been given! AND if we are unsure of the advice we should ALWAYS test the spirits by asking the Universe for further confirmation or to be given the answer again in a different way so that we can be sure of its authenticity!

Some feel uncomfortable in doing so – fearing that Spirit might be angry with them showing a “lack of faith” but my experience is that the Universe is more than happy to give you further confirmation – at least twice more – this being a Universal Law called the Law of Challenge thats states that any being or presence asked three times must answer three times truthfully and if it is not of the light reveal itself as such!

Secondly we should contemplate the answer for hidden truths – Spirit are excellent at hiding meaning in things – layering hidden messages in simple sentences in order to economise on energy! We should then ponder the words of the Divine and extract from them every meaning we might find in order to uncover their hidden treasures and make the most of these often loaded conversations.

Thirdly we need to at times research the guidance we have been given – reference the names and mechanics mentioned, look up the names and meanings of words. By doing so the trail of bread crumbs laid by spirit often leads us further down important roads – connecting us to people and places, books and paraphernalia that we might need in order to grow.

Finally we need to decide what – if anything – we need to do next. Do we need to go and see someone? Engage the help of a healer, therapist or shaman? Do we need to sign up for a course? Buy a book or crystal? Perform a ritual or prayer? Create a list then of the proactive and practical things you need to do in order to action the advice and set the spiritual ball rolling.

Knowledge is power BUT only in the hands of those who know how to use it and (in my experience) way too many think that knowing is enough when in truth knowing is only the beginning. Good guidance – true guidance should always set you on a path of SELF EMPOWERMENT and not offer empowerment that does not have to be earned or found. 

Mastery – true mastery – being only ever something that comes from within!


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