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BOOM! A Covid19 Post!!

So we are now coming out of lockdown and the psychological and psychic pressure that we have all been under is beginning to show. Like steam released from a pressure cooker there has been a massive out pouring of previously pent up energy.

Some of which has found positive manifestation  – for instance that force channelled by the “Black Lives Matter” movement as righteous justice which has literally torn down the old in order to make way for the new.

However other manifestations – like the anger and aggression aimed at Police officers attempting to break up illegal and dangerous gatherings which have occurred repeatedly in the last couple of days – has been far less constructive.

Add to this the seemingly increasing disregards for social distancing and we may very well have some big problems on our hands unless we can get things back under control! It is possible of course that once this energy blows itself out things may settle down BUT in the meantime there are things that we – the sensitives and light workers – need to do to both protect ourselves and contribute to a quickening of calm and peace.

Firstly then we must endeavour to shield ourselves from this explosion of power – ripples of which we are bound to feel through our connection to the Collective Unconscious. Shielding the Occipital Lobe Chakra will help – see my previous post on coping with hysteria – as will regular meditation, spiritual hygiene and psychic protection. Blotting out the back ground noise that belongs to everyone else and centring ourselves back in our own personal space of equilibrium and calm. The colour green and green coloured crystals are excellent for this!

Once this has been achieved we must then focus on broadcasting calm through the telepathic and empathic network that binds us all together by first finding this inside ourselves and then imagining it swelling out – like a river bursting its banks – to drench all those around us in its serenity. 

Needless to say this is something that we will need to repeat regularly.

I realise that this might sound like an arduous task – particularly in such heat – but it is essential if we are to avoid a second wave of the virus which might be potentially brought on by peoples need to ease the restlessness that they find themselves subject to now through unhealthy and thoughtless gatherings and actions.

Remember – we are not alone in this and there are Angels and Masters on hand to help – Sadriel the Angel of Order – Dokiel the Angel of Balance – Serapis Bay the Master of grace and flow and Dkwal Khul and Kwan Yin Masters of peace and harmony and calm can all be called upon for help by both ourself for ourselves and ourselves for others. 

As before light workers NOW is the time to step up to the plate and play your part in bringing light to a world that is in desperate need so don’t delay – focus on yourself first and then once settled spare a thought for others – those you know and those you never will. We can make a difference – we can play our part – now is the day – together lets spread the light we were incarnated here to shine!


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