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Mental and Emotional Exhaustion – a Covid 19 Post

For those of us who are “sensitive” these have been particularly trying times!

The mental and emotional challenge of shielding oneself from the negative psychic back ground noise of other peoples worry and concern – whilst dealing with our own internal negative chatter and endeavouring to offer solace and healing to others – has left many of us depleted and drained.

The manifestation of this exhaustion is a brittleness within our own mental and emotional state meaning that we may be finding ourselves reactionary, teary, despondent, angry, fearful and depressed in moments of sudden extreme waves leaving us reeling and ungrounded and unsure. 

Spiritual hygiene, self healing and empowerment, protection and grounding are ESSENTIAL now because despite the lockdown being lifted for many the level of anxiety has increased – rather than diminished – putting the sensitive at risk from not only further exhaustion and exposure but intensified strain in regards to their own internal processes. 

Now is the time to rest your Rose Quartz over your heart and your Sodalite, Lapis or Celestite over your throat and have a lay down – allowing the stones to use these chakras to replenish and restore your mental and emotional bodies. 

Now is the time to sleep with Amethyst beneath the pillow so that it can work throughout the night on clearing the energy system from negativity and harm.

Now is the time to build and strengthen your psychic protection and personal shields so that YOU choose when you give energy to those around you – rather than allowing yourself to be leached!

Now is the time to connect with your Soul and your Guides and ask them to steer you and guide you, to protect you and energise you and offer you the healing that you need from Spirit.

Now is the time to take yourself out into nature and breathe in the light and the green and anchor and ground yourself into the Earth so that you might be better stabilised and grounded against the constant pull of others need.

None of these things are revolutionary – we all know that we should be doing them, we all know how to do them and that we should be doing them more but alas we are often the last people to do the things we might be quick to encourage others to!

Here then is your gentle loving reminder from the Universe! Don’t allow your mental and emotional systems to collapse in upon themselves as a result of a lack of energy and power – shore up your defences, cleanse and empower yourself, self heal and ground – take care! Because you are precious and you are needed and the battle is not quite over and your self preservation then is paramount if you are to be called upon to serve in the days and weeks that are to come!

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