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The Rays (for Grace M)

Here is the first of a series of posts that has manifested as a result of a request by a client and friend Grace Murphy who wondered if I could post a little concerning the Rays!

The rays are the constituent manifestation of the Divine Light – the Ain Soph – as made manifest in our physical Universe as a result of the limitation of our third dimension and its accompanying Universal Laws.

They are the “rainbow” born from the white light – which is the Divine – emerging through the prism of our limiting reality – as it were. Each one has a specific power and philosophy – even a challenge – and is presided over by either a Master or Archangel.

There are various versions of the rays from the classic 7 ray system first introduced to the consciousness of mankind by the Theosophists – to the more modern day versions brought forwards by spiritual channels. In my opinion as the Universe has crystallised and become more complex (and in need) the rays have evolved – the Divine manifesting more and more of its divine power so that it we might draw upon it in our hours of need.

The Rays

1st Ray – Ruby Red – The Ray of the Avatar – Manifestation, the master builder, alignment, self mastery, communion with the Divine masculine. Ascended Master Patron –  Master Jesus – Active Principle –  the Flame of Divine Service (incorporating Divine Surrender and Divine Love).

2nd Ray – White – The Ray of Grace – Flow, the angelic frequency, synchronicity, serendipity, opportunity, the Divine gift. Ascended Master Patron – Serapis Bay – Active Principle – the Flame of Grace.

3rd Ray – Pale Pink – The Ray of Creation – Growth, purity, innocence, the wisdom of the Divine Feminine, the song of creation, love. Ascended Master Patron – Lady Nada – Active Principle – the Magdalene Flame.

4th Ray – Royal Blue – The Ray of the Vision – stability, grounding, leadership, strategy, masculine dynamic force, discipline and the way of self mastery, the spiritual warrior. Ascended Master Patron – El Moyra – Active Principle – the Flame of Mastery. 

5th Ray – Butter Yellow – The Ray of Interconnection – balance, the elements, equilibrium, the tapestry of life, relationships, the life streams of the world. Ascended Master Patron – Khutumi –Active Principle – the Flame of Unification.

6th Ray – Madonna Blue – The Ray of the Divine Mother – Nurturing, healing, abundance, unconditional love, the Goddess mysteries. Patron Ascended Master – Mother Mary – Active Principle – the Flame of Nurture.

7th Ray – Violet – The Ray of Spiritual Alchemy – change, transformation, magick, ceremony, initiation, perception, vision, mysticism. Ascended Master Patron – St Germain – Active Principle – the Violet Flame.

8th Ray – Pearl White/Jade Green – The Ray of Harmony- chaos leading to order, peace, tranquillity, balance, calm, impermanence, change, evolution, movement, eternity, continuance. Ascended Master Patrons – Kwan Yin and Dwal Khul – Active Principle – the Flame of Compassion. 

9th Ray – Magenta – The Ray of Initiation – challenge, feminine mysteries, transition, the shadow, introspection, psychism, magic and sensuality. Ascended Master Patron – Lady Portia – Active Principle – the Silver Violet Flame.

10th Ray – Starlight White – The Ray of the Divine Father – the Great Central Sun, genesis, beginning, the wisdom of the Father, union with the source, the Divine. Cosmic Ascended Master Patron – The Matreiya/the Christ – Active Principle – the Flame of Divine Order (the way of things).

11th Ray – Green – The Green Ray – the power of the life cycle, the harmony of nature, growth, regeneration, the Earth element and Earth elementals, psychic power, Earth wisdom and magick, abundance. Archangel – Uriel – Active Principle – the Flame of Life.

12th Ray –  Royal Purple – The Ray of Communion – Sacred geometry, colour, sound, sacred mathmatics, shape and form – Archangel  – Melchisadek – Active Principle – the Flame of Divine Unity.

13th Ray – Brilliant Red – The Ray of Foundation – the creation of structure, the founding of law, principles and virtues, the establishment of society and order – Ascended Master Patron – Abraham The Founding Father – Active Principle – the Flame of Founding. 

14th Ray – Warm Orange – The Ray of Journeying – inter dimensional travel, the alteration of consciousness, guidance from the spiritual realms, self discovery, the spiritual journey and path – Ascended Master Patron –  Raza The Wave Rider – Active Principle – The Flame of the Traveller.

15th Ray – Turquoise Green – The Ray of Inspiration – the creative expression of the Divine, faithful service, faith and confidence in the self and the Divine, the infinite expression of the Soul – Ascended Master Patron –  Hildeguard von Bingham – Active Principle – the Flame of Inspired Action.

16th Ray – Lapis Blue and Gold – The Worldly Wisdom Ray – Egyptian wisdom and knowledge, Atlantean truth, teachings and empowerments, practical wisdom, extra terrestrial understanding, interdimensional and dimensional understanding – Ascended Master Patron – Lord Seranis – Active Principle – the Flame of Knowledge.

17th Ray – Emerald Green – The Ray of Atlantis – Healing, the Atlantean Vibration, crystals, sound, sacred geometry, telepathy and telekenisis, the mysteries of Atlantis – Ascended Master Patron – Hilarion – Active Principle – the Healing Flame.

18th Ray – Black – The Ray of Empowerment – trial, challenge and triumph, feminine mysticism, religious mysticism, the spiritual truth contained within all religions, the journey of the evolving Spirit – Ascended Master Patron – Lady Imra – Active Principle – the Flame of Truth.

19th Ray – Pale Blue – The Ray of Belief – trust, belief, surrender, kindness, generosity, miracle, healing and the holy nature – Ascended Master Patron – Daniel (Androcles) – Active Principle – the Flame of Faith.

20th Ray – Turquoise Blue – The Ray of Alignment – connection, communion, communication, synchronicity, serendipity and attunement – Cosmic Ascended Master Patron –  Maha Cohan – Active Principle – the Flame of Connection.

21st Ray – Coral – The Ray of Awakenment – Awakening, the call to realisation, the spiritual catalytic force of the Soul, the awakening power of the Divine in nature – Ascended Master Patron –  Lady Nightingale – Active Principle – the Flame of Quickening.

22nd Ray – Sky Blue – The Ray of Spiritual Healing – Communication, healing, sacred sound, song, mantra, chant, technology and travel, the air element – Archangel – Raphael – Active Principle – the Flame of Communication. 

23rd Ray – Golden Brown – The Ray of the Rhythm – breathing, rhythm, pace, connection, the life streams, wisdom of the life streams, unity consciousness, Shamanic Wisdom, strength and power. Active Principle – the Flame of Oneness – Wottana – Native American Ascended Master. 

24th Ray – Garnet Red – The Ray of Instinctive Wisdom – wisdom born from sensuality, resonance, intimacy and unity consciousness – Active Principle –the Flame of sensual union. Lady Ascended Master Serada – the Queen of Sheba.

26th Ray – Lord Rama – Indian Ascended Master who watches over the ray of bliss. This is the ray of meditational transcendence through mantra, mudra and yoga. The Mala is his sacred symbol/hallow. The ray is a dull tangerine and carries the smell and association of sandalwood. Active Principle – the flame of enlightenment.

27th Ray – Lord Craven – Knight Templar the ray of salvage and the eclectic, the ray of the Magpie seeker, those who gather spiritual truths from all religions and weave them together to create something new, something of their very own! Active Principle – the flame of the religion of the heart.

28th Ray – Hiram – the Master of the Tree of Life, architect and trader, friend of King Solomon – the ray of the wisdom of the Divine Father and those seeking this wisdom inside and outside of themselves. He is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the Kabala and its magickal powers. The crystalline white ray, Active Principle – the flame of understanding and self-realization.

30th Ray – Olive Green – The Ray of Earth Consciousness – the bridge to the consciousness of the Earth Spirit, Deva’s and Elementals, the Mineral and Vegetable Kingdom, the Animal Kigdom, Earth Healing, the energy system of the Earth – Cosmic Ascended Master – Sanat Khumara – Active Principle –the Cosmic Flame of Life.

33rd Ray – Electric Blue – The Ray of Spiritual Light – Protection, percetion and passion, transformation, alchemy, spiritual rescue, the spiritual warrior, motivation, justice, harmony and karma –  Archangel – Michael – Active Principle – the Flame of  Justice.

40th Ray – Blue Gray – Universal Law, order, harmony, truth, faith, belief, Divine order, the Divine plan, esoteric mechanics – Cosmic Ascended Master – Moses – Active Principle – the Flame of Accord. 

44th Ray – Sea Green – The Ray of Birth – Dreams, the Moon, messages and messengers, flow, grace and synchronicity, intuition and the astral planes – Archangel – Gabriel – Active Principle – the Flame of the Divine Messenger.

50th Ray – Gold – The Ray of Wisdom – wisdom in action, spiritual leadership, ruler ship and command, knowledge and truth, the intellect, comprehension, esoteric law and spiritual mechanics – Cosmic Ascended Master – Soloman –Active Principle – the Flame of the Wise. 

55th Ray – Starlight – The Ray of Rebirth –  Death, birth, incarnation, the Akashic Records, past lives, karma, karmic cleansing and healing, the silver chord, the quintessential spiritual force of life, the Void – Archangel – Azrael – Active Principle – the Flame of the Akashic Light.

60th Ray – Malachite Green – The Ray of the Priestess – Divine Femanine wisdom and power, magick, the Moon, motherhood, the Mothers love, the wife, the healer, resurrection, foresight, prophercy, oracle – Cosmic Ascended Master – Lady Isis – Active Principle – the Flame of the Vacuum (receptive Stillness).

66th Ray – Kunzite Pink – The Ray of the Cosmic Love – unconditional love, the awakening of the higher heart, the Divine Mother, forgiveness, absolution, repentance (as in returning towards the Divine source – Archangel – Haniel – Active Principle – the Flame of Unconditional Love.

70th Ray – Deep Violet Magenta    The Ray of the Priest – Magick, service, knowledge, intelligence and comprehension, magickal law, magickal correspondence, miracle, the impossible – Cosmic Ascended Master – Lord Merlin (Myrradin) – Active Principle – the Flame of original Magick.

77th Ray – Golden Opal – The Ray of Evolution – change, evolution, ascension, movement, impermanence, growth, cycle, expansion, unfoldment, DNA, the Tree of Life – Archangel –  Samuel – the Flame of Ascension. 

80th Ray – Diamond White – The Ray of Order – harmony, peace, order, resolution, equilibrium, balance, calm, stillness, the zero point – Ascended Master – Lord Kahn – Active Principle – the Flame of Peace.

88th Ray – Rose Pink – the tapestry of love, the connecting thread that binds all things, the first web of all, the fabric of the Universe, affinity through love, empathy, commonality of feeling, compassion, sympathy and mercy – Archangels – The Cherubim – Active Principle – the flame of Sympathy.

90th Ray – Deep Blue Black – The Ray of the Cosmic Divine Mother – the Void, the beginning of the all, the priestess of the great cosmic ocean of infinite potential, the impossible, chaos, dreaming and dreams – Cosmic Ascended Master – Lady Annami –Active Principle – the black Flame of the Void. 

99th Ray – Pale Gold – the tapestry of life, the connecting thread that binds all things, the second web of all, the fabric of the Universe, connection, alignment, the spiritual path and synchronicity – Archangels – The Seraphim – Active Principle – the Flame of Universal Consioucness.

100th Ray – Lepidolite Blue (glittering pale blue) – The Ray of Time – time, infinity, cosmic time, timelessness, the qualities of time, love, grace, mercy – Archangels – The Elohim – Active Principle – the Flame of Cosmic Time.


*NOTE* As you can see the Ray list is not complete – maybe because the missing Masters, angels and Rays are not needed yet – maybe simply because they have not chosen to reveal themselves to me! Either way I am sure in time the blanks will fill themselves in as we need them too and as we master and manifest more of our Divine power.

As far as I know these rays are correct – in accordance with the guidance and channelling I receive HOWEVER YOU must decide whether or not my ray list resonates with you!

The rays – their Masters, powers and philosophies can be invoked through visualisation and prayer, sacred geometry and colour and are accessible to all of open mind and good heart.

If any one else has a topic that they would like me to blog about PLEASE feel free to email me – all topics considered but not everyone guaranteed to be written about – blessings – Edwin C



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