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Holding the Light for the future …

It’s Thursday the 12th of December and I’m not ashamed to say that my stomach is in knots thinking about tomorrows general election results! Why? Because for some reason I think what happens next is pivotal in some way, leading us as a nation towards a tipping point in history!

So I decided to ask some with a much better perspective on reality about what to do tomorrow – come what may.

Here’s what St Germain had to say  …

“Today some will wake up hopeful and jubilant and some pessimistic and afraid. In many ways it is the beginning of a new world with infinite possibilities standing before us all, in many ways it is the start of a road that will lead us all on – to what however at the moment we do not know.

Either way the world still turns and dishes need to be washed and children must go to school and people must go to work … in many ways despite everything having changed everything too remains the same. So … however your political leanings leave you – do not despair. For in many ways the power still lies with you as to what ultimate outcome is made manifest before you.

So – you must hold the light. The light of hope and promise for a world of harmony and peace, for a world of equality and tolerance, for a world of compassion and love. 

You must hold the light for justice and truth, sincerity and transparency, healing and resurrection, right action and triumph. You must hold the light for a world where there is no homelessness, no poverty – where climate change can be halted and reversed and power and standing – as a nation that leads the way as an example of solidarity and fairness can re regained. You must hold the light – no matter how dark the day from your perspective – for a better tomorrow.

It would be easy to think that such things don’t matter, that they have no power over reality, that our attitude and reactions has no reach in the real world but you know that this is simply not true. Our actions, our thoughts, our hope and faith do matter, do have power, can change the world and inspire the hearts and spirits of man and woman. We have always known this – you and I – it is the principle and foundation of our belief.

Her then the change you seek and hold the light, hold the light, hold the light until the light can hold,d itself and needs your help no more.

Hold the light dear ones and trust and know that in good time – all will be well.”

It’s easier said than done – say I BUT if we don’t try then we might never know the full potential off our power!

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