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And the pendulum swings …

Today – Friday the 13th (oh the irony) of December – has been a difficult day!

The pendulum swings as it ever has done and the hope of light seems to shift to the doom of darkness – at least for some (myself included). BUT it’s always darkest before the dawn and a similar darkness – endured by America – has brought to light all manner of hate, uniting the people in challenging the shadow! So maybe – in some strange way – such a similar situation here will unite the people – in time – against a common enemy that will reveal itself!

Such is the way of life in this polarised and dualistic universe of ours – at least for the time being – darkness follows light and light emerges from shadow – the pendulum swings and each generation in their own way have fought their way through “the worst of times” growing stronger as a result of their initiation.

It would be easy to think that our challenge eclipses all others and heaven knows there very well maybe dark days ahead BUT our ancestors and elders have endured much – MUCH – worse and risen triumphant and so we call upon their spirit to guide us and hold us aloft and give us the power to endure and fight for what we believe in. Our civil liberties, equality, generosity, a global (not national) civilisation and the right to be loved, respected, honoured and cared for now matter our sex, age or gender – male, female AND ALL THOSE WHICH ARE OTHER!

The pendulum swings and the cycle continues a new – dark ages lead to greater realisations of truth – new justice rises from injustice and the dark exposes itself, its ego betraying its falsity for all to see and each time the pendulum swings it looses energy and force and so in slowing grows closer to resting in the still point of balance where darkness and light are one and transcendence reigns – lifting us and alchemizing us into something new.

We – light workers – all in our own way now must do our part to ensure that the darkness is challenged and called out and seen and fought against and change brought to bare upon that world order that would seek to enslave and deny us. NOW is our time … to be the change we want to see in the world!

The pendulum is swinging but it cannot stay in the shadows for long before it must return towards the light …



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