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A time for closure … a time to heal …

So … Boris (the new PM) wants us all to have a lovely Christmas (bless) and take time to heal (!) and find “closure” in regards to Brexit!

One can’t help but wonder if he hasn’t hired Depak Chopra as a speech advisor – what with him using such blatant “new age” language!

However – despite his intent (whatever that might be) – personally I don’t think it’s quite that easy! Firstly “closure” takes time … it can’t be and neither should it be rushed – any good therapist worth their weight in lentils  will tell you this! And the nation has a lot that it is looking for “closure” on – from the surrender of the dream of a second referendum (a peoples vote) to the now inevitable slide into leaving the European Union (yes I am remained – move along please people nothing to see here) to the abandonment of the fantasy of a Labour (or Liberal or Labour/SNP coalition or if you were REALLy optimistic Green) government!

For the die hards – and I include myself amongst these – such a release is not easy – NOT AT ALL – and its going to take time!

Secondly healing – true healing – real healing – is also a thing that requires time and space in order to be achieved – you know this – I know this and yes Christmas will give us a little space (though all of that “lets look at the year that was” crap we have to endure around New Years is very much this time around like rubbing salt in the wound) it might not be enough for us to truly find our feet and this partly depends on how Bojo and his cronies behaves.

This rather gracious – we are the servants of the people – schtick is all well and good but should it be yet another facade that will be dropped once Boris takes to the floor at the Houses of Parliament (I mean lets face it that man has more faces than the demon masks of a purba) then we very well might have rising civil disobedience on our hands!

You see in order to heal the patient has to be able to trust the healer and at the moment there are many of us who simply wouldn’t put our lives in his hands – because we don’t trust him!

In fact – looking at the mans track records (and we are talking direct quotes here people) – if you are gay, a woman, a working class anyone or a person of minority – whether that be colour or religion – you are probably quaking in your boots now as to what he might have in store for you in the future! I know as a gay man I certainly am!

However – other than remaining vigilant, being willing to speak up, to fight for our world vision of a just, equal and peaceful and harmonious society we have little choice at the moment other than to buckle up – take a deep breath and see how things pan out!

To see whether this “therapist” can earn our trust by doing what they claim they can do!

So … all you Bojo and Tory fans – who voted this man and his party in … all you Brexiteers who are delighted that you are getting what you wanted – just give us a little time … give us a little space … let us heal and say goodbye to our dreams and be respectful that we are hurting and afraid right now and in time we will grow strong and be ready to tow the line and give the big blond haired baboon a chance.

Time to heal? Time for closure?? Not just yet … but give us time and we will get there!


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