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The Magic of Christmas

This is the first of my last three blogpost for the year as I will be working this weekend in London and taking two whole weeks off over the festive period to try and recover from what has been a truly crazy busy year – so I thought I would leave you with three St Germain channellings to see you into the new year …

“The magic of Christmas – the true magic – has changed and morphed throughout the centuries from what it once was to what we might recognise it to be now!

Nothing has been truly lost during this process – altered – yes – reosculptured – definitely but never ever truly lost. Overt the years the sUn has been replaced with a sOn and the Goddess a Mother! Gifts once given in memory of paradise lost and for the love of a God have become more to do with love expressed for one another. The honouring of the Spirit of the Green has been largely forgotten BUT the rituals enacted remain the same and so – unbeknownst to many – the power is still given albeit in a different way.

And even hidden deep beneath the tinsel and the light, the commercialism and drunken merriment the power of the return of light and hope still burns bright and the celebration of the family of man still rises renewed to the surface in time for the new year.

If you are still enough, quiet enough, sensitive enough you can still feel it – this power – this light and you can still draw it deep inside or direct it out into the worlds to help those less fortunate than yourself by blessing the lost that they might find home.

And so I would say to you – amidst the craziness of the season, amidst the wrapping paper and boiling potatoes, amid the merry haze of booze and too much chocolate pause – be still – and listen for that “silent night” that you might feel and know the echo of the magic of Christmas still singing, still shining, still ringing through the halls of memory and power this Christmas time!”

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