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The Lights Of Christmas

Here the second of my final three posts this year – another channelling from the ever and always amazing St Germain …

“During the dark times of winter mankind can often find themselves running low on a spiritual fuel and power that many of them don’t even realise exists – let alone comprehend their need of it.

The solar fire … the spiritual light … the Ain Soph!

This is the light that emanates from the Great Central Sun – God – the Great Spirit – the Divine. It is a power that mankind uses not only to evolve and ascend – to spiritually advance but also to live and thrive and survive … in combination with the energy of prana.

Through out spring and summer this energy is in abundance but as the light shifts and falters its presence begins to run low and during winter there is scarce amounts of it present in the day. Without it – those who have not accumulated and stored the energy over summer – can succumb to the effects of its deficit – a lack that effects mind and heart, body and spirit!

This can be felt as a form of S.A.D. – seasonal adjustment disorder – effecting the mood of the individual and their energy levels, making them anxious and/or depressed and fuelling their need to hibernate and retreat until spiring returns – as our ancient ancestors indeed once did!

The spiritual sensitive are particularly sensitive to this energy lack and it can for them also effect their spiritual impetus, their intuition, their synchronicities and their ability to connect and align with spirit and the soul.

However during the dark season there is a different kind of light which can be drawn upon to supplement the light of the sun – this being the inner light of Christmas! This is the light represent by ever blinking light, every piece of glimmering tinsel, ever bauble or sequinned jumper, every flickering candle or fibre optic reindeer!

This light – like the candles and hearth fires that our ancient ancestors huddled close to – becomes the substitute and surrogate for the light of Christmas – the power of Gods own light expressed in the darkness of this time!

Accessing this power is simplicity itself … take time to stare and wonder at the lights of Christmas and as you do consciously – with each in breath – draw in the light and energy and magic and power into your Solar Plexus Centre! If it helps chant …

“I draw to myself the light of Christmas – the power of the Divine in the darkness …”

Do this for as long as you want or need as many times throughout the day that you need to! You will find – eventually – that you will begin to experience the shift and change as the energy takes root within you igniting your own inner spiritual fire and light and triggering the awakening of your own inner spiritual divine force! 

The light and magic of Christmas restoring to you health and well being again!”


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