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The Fire Brand

This is my last blog post for 2019 – I’m heading down to London tomorrow (Friday) for a weekend of workshops at the College of Psychic Studies after which I will straight into my two week Christmas break! So here’s the last of St Germain channellings for you … The Fire Brand.

“2020 is almost upon us … a year of infinite potential and possibility, a blank slate waiting for us all to write upon it with our hopes and expectations and wants and desires.

We must strive – as we stand upon this brink – not to take with us our doubts and fears lest these – mistaken as seeds – are sown into our reality and made manifest by the spirit of the universe. Rather we must leave them behind – alongside grief and sadness and pain and instead sally forth with high hopes and positive expectations of health and wealth and new found friendships and rekindled ones and joy.

On New Years Eve then let your mind drift back upon the year that was and grieve its passing with all the hopes squandered and lost that hang heavy in the heart. Bid farewell to those that have gone, shed a tear for your pain and let it go … let it go … let it go. And when the first dawn of the New Year breaks greet the morning and outline to its light your plans and hopes for the New Year fast blossoming. State your plans to the Divine, what you expect and hope for clearly letting the Universe know how to shape itself accordingly to your wants and needs.

Decide – rather than being one who might add to any gloom that might threaten to fall – that instead you will be a Fire Brand! A blazing light that will cast out darkness and be a positive force for the world, warming those around you with your cheer, filling them with hope and joy, lifting their spirits and helping them to see the positive opportunities in every challenge.

Let your light be a beacon, a blazing torch that cuts through the gloom, attracting those lost to its guiding star and glory, strengthening them and allowing them to see in your reflected glory their own potential power burning deep inside. For it is the light workers way to pave the road for those that might follow, directed by the trail that is left behind, the luminous fire burning bright upon the ground.

Be then the strength for others that you have so needed in the past and rise, rise, rise triumphant ever towards the magnification of your own glory brought into being by your unselfish act of brilliance and truth.

For now though – as and when you can – rest a little and let this year end – let its reverberations falter and halt and in celebration of love allow it to pass vowing that the next year WILL be better and greater than before. Building ever on that which has past towards greater wonders that you are yet to behold!

In love then let this come to pass, in accordance with the name and light of the Divine, in loves name and in and through the power of truth – so mote it be – Amen.”

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