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The Angels of Mental and Emotional Healing

Recent events in the media once again focus our attention on the importance of mental and emotional well being. Who truly knows how another is feeling deep inside? Smiles and seeming success in life can hide deep pain and grief and fear. The Instagram or Facebook existence can seem to be a rosey one encouraging those in need to hide the truth of where they are for fear of ridicule, our society, our world being one in which still we are discouraged to allow our weaknesses to be seen.

Of course there are obvious things that we can do – be more alert – be more kind – try not to be so quick to judge or criticise others – be more honest with ourselves regarding how we feel and seek help from friends and family or those organisations around us that can help and listen.

As light workers however maybe there is something more – something that we can do for ourselves when we are in need and something that we can do for others whether they are near or far.

In typing up notes for a lecture I am about to give I came across this exercise that involves two lesser spoken of Angels perfect for these dilemmas.

Shamsiel and Suriel’s – the Angels of Mental and Emotional Healing

Shamsiel and Suriel are largely forgotten Angels concerned with the mental and emotional health of humanity – Shamsiel being the angel who watches over the mental health of mankind and Suriel watching over their emotional health and well-being. 

Although some might not see a distinction here mental health concerns more the brain – its chemical balance and structural integrity and function (throat, brow and crown centre’s) and emotional health the heart and emotional body, feelings and emotional trauma, relationships and empathy, compassion and grief, guilt and positivity/negativity (sacral, solar plexus and heart centre’s).

Part of the gift that these two Angels offer then is healing – either separately or jointly – for those maladies and wounds which are not physical but still very much debilitating. the healing they offer is on an energy leveland should not be considered as an alternative to talking therapies or prescription drugs or other vibrational remedies such as homeopathy and flower essences but rather in addition to.


  1. Let the palms face the ceiling and visualise a moon forming in the open left hand and a sun forming in the open right hand.
  2. Chant repeatedly…

By the power of the Sun and Moon let head and heart be healed.

  1. As you chant slowly bring the two spheres together joining them level with the heart as an eclipsed sun.
  1. Now – for healing the self – bring the eclipsed sun up and into the brow chakra and allow it to sink down into the heart – tracing it’s journey with your hands and finally resting them both over the heart chakra.
  2. Chant …

Shamsiel and Sariel

  1. After a little while envision yourself sealed in an aura of gold and silver light. 

Give thanks to the Angels and ground and centre.

If giving this healing to another person –  form the “sun and moon” with the chant – bring them together as the “eclipsed sun” and then raise the energy up and introduce it into the clients head and then trace its slow passage down – mirroring its journey with your hands until it reaches the heart. then place your hands on the clients shoulders and chant Shamsiel and Sariel until the seal of gold and silver forms around the clients aura.

If sending healing to another – once you have formed the “sun and moon” with the aid of the chant and brought them together as the “eclipsed sun” cast them away from you towards the person you seek to send the healing to chanting Shamsiel and Sariel as you see the energy fly. when you feel the energy has “arrived” say For the good of all and to harm none so long as this flows in accordance with the will of the higher Self.

In accordance with the Divine will may the Angels help all those in need find the light of hope and be liberated from despair. PLEASE feel free to share this post with whomever you feel might benefit from it.

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