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Preparing To Unlock – a Covid 19 Post

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the human energy system changes in response to environmental factors – the lockdown situation being a case in point.

Looking at the energy system of those around me I can see that – quite unconsciously – people have disconnected themselves energetically from their fellow man and the world, their energy system collapsing in upon themselves – going into a kind of enforced hibernation – to conserve energy and sanity alike.

This being then one of the reasons why some people seem so reluctant to talk or even engage in eye contact, as well as why some others seem oblivious to peoples personal space – their aura, the field that they might usually unconsciously use to navigate in close quarters, now being so small – so tucked close to their own body that they can’t feel the world in the same way that they could before!

Now then as we prepare for the great unlock we all need to be more mindful of exactly where OUR own energy system is and make the adjustments now that need to be made to prepare us for a return to the “new normal”.

This might include cleansing the energy system of fears that we have become all too used to living with as well as the negative energy of others that we have become saturated in and blind to – having lived in such close quarters with those that maybe we aren’t quite so used to spending such long periods of time with.

As well as this we need now to re focus our attention on balancing our energy, protecting our aura and grounding ourself – as we may find we have become too used to the safety of our own home and too comfortable with being “a little bit spacey” in an environment where everyone seems to be the same as we are.

If then now we fail to pay attention to the basics we may find that tomorrow – when forced back out into the big bad world – we will become overwhelmed with what was once just another shopping day or bus trip – particularly when the world will look like a slightly different place with its new rules and regulations.

Now then is the time to dip into your bag of tricks and draw upon all those things you have learned concerning the management of your own energy system. Now is the time to dust off that chakra meditation and dig out that bottle of aura protection spray. Now is the time to take a few bare foot walks in the park and strengthen the protective layer of your aura with your crystals so that you are truly ready and prepared.

As much as the energy system has adjusted now it needs too be adjusted back, back to what and where it was and more – prepared now, strong and robust against a strange new world which may at first seem challenging to the best of us – let alone the spiritually sensitive!

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