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Mental Health – a spiritual perspective

It is important that I’m clear – I am no mental health expert! I have no classical qualifications – I have no orthodox training. I write from my perspective only as both someone who has suffered from what might now be termed as mental health issues – depression and anxiety – and a clairvoyant, psychic and healer who has observed in others struggling the nature of their energy system reflective of their plight.

From an energetic perspective mental health issues are issues of both the mind AND heart – the mental and emotional bodies. These are in turn emanations of the Throat, Solar Plexus (the two are powerfully linked) and Heart Chakras and so therefore often the root course or origin point of the energetic problem that contributes to and is sometimes the sole cause of the “mental health issue” itself. 

The other causes are what we might term psychological – issues pertaining to the psyche and past experiences from this lifetime of a traumatic nature – conscious and unconscious and also matters originating from past lives effecting the now.

All of which then combine to create a heady mix – possibilities that need to be explored in isolation as well as potentially in combination too – if the problem is to be in some way at least managed or indeed potentially cured.

The energy bodies then are both paradoxically incredibly robust and worryingly fragile depending on to whom they belong and how they are being treated. The energy body of a meditator or trained psychic might be fortified with good practice, the energy body of the self aware and mindful even more so. But the energy body of a sensitive who doesn’t know that they are sensitive or at least someone who isn’t tending to their talent can be incredibly delicate and prone to breaking – particularly when placed under undue or unprecedented pressure. 

The phrases “break down”, “melt down” and “collapse” in this case being exceptionally accurate!

The fields or subtle bodies have you see a psychic texture – the mental body being crystalline in its appearance – like shifting faceted panes of glass and the emotional body being liquid like – akin to a slow moving Lava Lamp – or at least this is how I see them. As such the mental body can shatter – literally – when placed under too much pressure and not appropriately nurtured and the emotional body evaporate and melt when overwhelmed. 

If however these fields are fortified with light – Universal Life Force Energy – and exercised in order to encourage elasticity, if they are kept clear of pollution from people and places and fed with stimulating nurturing power akin to their own – good vibes so to speak and stimulating thought – even love – then they can thrive and endure even the most incredible of pressures.

Of course in combination the psyche too needs to be kept clear and regularly examined in order for it to be understood and healthy. Talking therapies long having been applied to help with this along with self examination and self awareness. This then in combination with healthy chakras and healthy fields creating super beings capable of remaining strong and centred amidst the most trying of external and internal circumstances.

In this regards then my issues have often centred around available energy – I often run my battery dry resulting in my subtle bodies becoming weak and brittle – and also a fear of facing my inner demons – born partly from fear of confrontation developed as a child heavily bullied at school and convinced that if he faced his aggressors he would die and therefore the only way to survive was to run.

Now although the symptoms still persist from time to time I am better practised at recognising the signs and with the help of guides more capable of facing my inner demons down. Add to this self healing and meditation and I find I can pull through quicker and quicker than I ever did before. Avoiding more and more the meltdowns that might have floored me in the past and led to deeper states of spiralling darkness and despair.

So how does any of this help us … well in part hopefully it guides those afflicted – one way or the other – to acknowledge certain key issues – from my perspective at least.

1 – Everyone is individual and their problems also unique to them. Treatment of said problems need to be followed from in an individual way – not ever presuming that one solution fits all or even every incident of distress.

2 – That successful healing possibly lies in a combination of approaches both psychological AND metaphysical.

3 – That self responsibility forms part of the healing process and only so much can be done for someone by another. With out the willingness to want to heal or apply one self in some way likelihood of recovery is limited.

4 – And possibly the most important of all – that the world in which we live is hard – made more so by the things we applaud and admire and measure ourselves by – our success and hopes for success and the way in which we measure this against the success of others and technology and the way in which it heaps upon us greater pressures than ever before. To work harder and be seen more and to know – whether we want to or not – the often dire state of the world in which we live.


Good mental health then lies – as all things do – in the middle road between the spirit and the body and one day maybe – when the scientific world acknowledges that this is so (and the spiritual world does too) – we might all move closer to a place of true and long lasting healing born from the sciences of the world and the divine.

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