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STAYING ALIGNED – a Coronavirus Covid19 Post

In this strange dream like world in which we live currently – where usual routines are a thing of the past – it is easy to become “misaligned” – energetically and spiritually speaking!

The fact that we no longer have set routines encourages us to start fraying at the seams, blurring at the edges and falling into day dreaming states of zombiedom! 

Our natural boundaries begin to fade away – challenged by sharing space with people for prolonged periods of time that we might not usually, challenged by the “collective conscious” fear, challenged by our own worries, concerns and anxieties.

Time – punctuated by weekly occurrences now no longer in place – has loosened its hold upon us and days blur into days, blur into weeks, blur into months leaving us floundering like beached whales. 

Our energy system suffers – the chakras fall open lulled into a false sense of security – after all we are home – and drift on the vine of the central energy channel and the subtle bodies leak into one another causing our thoughts and emotions to become entangled with how our body feels – one of the reasons why so many of us are eating way more than we usually do.

The protective outer layer of the aura becomes fuzzy and we loose energy and our spiritual discipline … disappears! Motivation lost in a fog of lethargy and irrational exhaustion.

So what is the answer …

The Ida and Pingala lines are polarised energy channels that sit either side of the central energy channel the Shushumna – the Ida on the left and feminine or Luna polarised and the Pingala on the right and masculine or Solar polarised. Their polarised forces exert a harmonising effect upon the central channel and the chakras found hanging there and therefore the subtle bodies that emanate from the chakras themselves – balancing all! 

Energise these lines then and the chakras become instantly balanced and realignment is achieved without the laborious need to focus on each chakra and bring into equanimity ! Here then is a simple meditation to help!

  • Take a few moments to relax
  • Bring your attention to your heart centre
  • Let your consciousness rise up on the energy of the central energy channel, up, up and in to … the throat centre.
  • Rest here for a moment
  • Now let your consciousness rise up on the energy of the central energy channel, up, up and in to … the brow centre.
  • Rest here for a moment
  • Now let your consciousness rise up on the energy of the central energy channel, up, up but before you get to the crown centre see the sun to your right hand side and the moon to your left …
  • And now above this your crown centre – transcendent and resplendent in its brilliance.

Now from crown centre and the Sun to your right and the Moon to your left let three streams of energy flow down through the central energy channel in the middle, down into the Pingala channel on the right and down through the Ida channel on the left.

  • Feeding energy from the Soul into your chakras and either side of them expanding them further, empowering them and bringing them balance and harmony.
  • Flowing down, down, into and beyond the heart – into the solar plexus and sacral, into the root – the energy flowing down your spine and either side of it, down into your legs – the Ida and Pingala lines flowing and through the soles of your feet into the Earth beneath you.
  • Breathe in and out and let the light of the Soul flow strengthening the entire system, helping to restore integrity and balance to the all.
  • Sit in the light for a moment and let the energy flow
  • Now take a few deep breathes and release the flow of energy, allowing it to recede and retreat back to the source, back to the soul – the higher self
  • Allowing the Moon and the Sun to fade and disappear and the chakras and the energy system to re set itself, returning to its default setting take a few breathes, ground, centre and protect and open your eyes.

Whether you practice this once a day or once a week it will help but DO practice it now if you are feeling any of the “symptoms” mentioned above. The danger comes from allowing ourselves to become TOO misaligned! Misaligned to a point where it is difficult to pull our selves back – difficult to re shape and re form the energy body once it has adopted a new pattern. A pattern that is open to energy drain and harm and malformation that may be irreparable.

As always – there is no time like the now, particularly if we are soon to “unlock” so please take care and be prepared and as always – stay safe,


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