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A Message From The Masters

Sometimes messages bare repeating – here is a message from the Ascended Masters first published in my book Ascension To Go in 2018


In regards to Ascension and all the teaching and truth offered within its banner we would advise caution and the great need for discernment. Not only because of the confusing information which can easily be found, not all of which is accurate or true but also because the act of discernment is one which is empowering and allows the aspirant on the path to grow into their power as a Divine self realised Master on their life and path.

It is ultimately you, you see, who has the power to change first your world and then the greater world around you through the choices that you make. Through your choices of personal action in regards to the way in which you relate to others and your world and through the larger, greater choices that involve those things that you will believe and practice.

Such power is beyond your perception in the way in which it can have great and long lasting effects upon your reality, such power is the very thing that will either save or destroy your realm, that will either set you free into the light or bind you forever in the darkness.

Choice and discernment then being the two keys to heaven that will enable you to become Divine self realised.

Secondly we would encourage you to recognise the importance of your hearts and feeling in regards to your world’s transformation, in recent years much emphasis has been placed upon the importance of the mind, the realms of science and physics, in direct opposition to our knowledge of our own hearts, feelings and morals.

This is a tragic sign of the times which endangers all, threatening to take your world down slippery slopes of darkness that may choke it and prevent it from becoming the glorious vision of peace and harmony that we and the Divine hold.

Love, forgiveness, compassion, empathy, these things have always been the keys to paradise, to salvation. For in the cultivating of them you will make a reconnection that has largely been lost to you but which is key to your growth.

Not a reconnection to us or to the Divine but to each other, a reconnection through the collective consciousness, through your common origin and nature that will enable you to see each other in a different light. A light which will transform the very structure of your world.

You have all come to live such separate lives, so alone and apart. Through shared consciousness you will once again be able to understand why you act in the way that you do and this will lead to forgiveness and help, this will lead to true empathy and sympathy, not out of charity or pity but out of genuine desire and it will be these kind thoughts, inspired by love that will set you free!

So, remember to feel, remember the importance of centring yourselves in your heart, remember too the importance of imagining what it must be like to be someone else, to live their life, before you judge. Remember that compassion is the gateway to Ascension and with each action of love and recognition of another you can move step by step closer to the promised light.

Thirdly we would bring your attention to your world’s need for love also, for understanding and recognition as a living presence, a great, graceful, giving presence, unconditional in the way in which she has fostered you and nurtured you but one still that needs to be reminded at times that you appreciate and love all that she has done and still does for you.

We would remind you of your need to work with her, helping her to cope with the unforeseen situations of pollution that you and she find yourselves in. She does not blame mankind for the ignorance of their ways but needs your help now if she is to continue sustaining your life upon her body and so everything that can be done of a physical and spiritual nature is important.

We would also remind you of those energies that cannot normally be seen by man which are equally destructive and harmful. Negative forces trapped within the Earth brought about as a result of physical pollution, mankind’s anger, sadness and rage. Energies that block ley lines and falter the flow of the Earth’s chakras and vortexes.

With the grace and power of the Violet Flame and by working with we Masters and the Angels, the local devas and elementals you can set the Earth free of these cloying energies and bring greater harmony to your surroundings.

Through the grace of the Divine you can liberate those trapped and lost souls from the Earth plane, lifting them to the heights of heaven where they belong and where the Divine waits open armed to carry them back to their beginning. These things are important and must be remembered and practised.  

All these things can only be achieved if you are willing to work hard at bringing them into being, for Ascension of the self and of your world requires effort and hard work. Granted effort that should be joyous but nevertheless something which requires application and practice, perseverance in order for it to be achieved.

Although the world in which you live is one which focuses now upon instant gratification and achievement, in truth there is no short cut to Ascension or enlightenment that can be given as a gift, or obtained at a price! These things can only be obtained by those who are willing to put in the required time and practise, only catalysed by your will and your actions here on Earth.

You then truly are the Masters of your fate in this. The Masters of your destiny, this responsibility falls to you and you alone. Follow the guidance that is given, here in this book and in others, follow the instruction offered by teachers, channels, spiritual gurus that you might meet. Apply their suggestion and wisdom into your life and you will see how wonderful that life can be! Self empowered you will rise like the phoenix from your own ashes and be free.

Finally then beloved ones we would remind you of the importance of integrity, for what is life without truth? Personal integrity is the key to many things from sustained and continuous health, to the maintenance of a life of virtue and right action, the positive way in which the Universe shines back at you, the reflection of all those that you will encounter in your world.

We know that at times this is hard, this is difficult, we know that spiritual beliefs can be contentious and incendiary but your belief is the foundation upon which the whole of your life stands and therefore you must not shy from it but be rather proud of what you know to be the truth. Stand then in your truth and know that this is the same as standing in your power, offer its light gently, never to blind or bully another, never to preach with the intention to convert but only ever to share.

Such sharing will inspire and awaken, the example of the way in which you live your life being truly revelatory in nature to those around you. Be not then afraid of who you are, of being your true self but rather be proud and through this pride be free. In conclusion then remember that who you are, what you show, what you allow to be seen is what will come back to you times three and that through this simple law you create your life and dictate the nature of its passage.  

Beloved children of the Divine we are with you, you are not alone, our light and love shines down upon you as surely as the light of the sun and moon does. Remember this and call our presence into your life, remember this and lean upon our love and wisdom and allow it to uphold and support you.

Remember this and wrap it around you when you are in need, for we hear every thought and will come to your aid when we can, bringing comfort and light to your times of darkness. Together then, we, you and we the Masters and Angels of light, can in accordance with the Divine’s will transform the nature of your world and your personal reality. Together we can banish fear and hatred, anger and pain and replace it with unending bliss, together we can return to the heart of the Great Central Sun and be what we once were, what we are in embryo now.

The Divine, the Source of all, the beginning and the ending. Together then let us begin to write the world anew and embrace our Ascension.

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