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The Gods Speak in Mysterious Ways! A Coronavirus Covid 19 Post

Sometimes synchronicities and serendipities – the ways in which the Gods speak to us through omens and portents – are awe inspiring and sublime.

Majestic sweeping clouds lit by blazing sunlight taking on the form of angels bearing trumpets to herald a new phase of our life or cascading showers of pale pink cherry blossom falling when we seek a blessing to know that we’ve done the right thing.

Sometimes – however – they are not!

The other week – whilst doing our weekly shop – waiting patiently outside Boots the Chemist in the “social distancing” cue I gazed longingly in the darkened closed WH Smith – the stationers – window.

It had been a particularly challenging outing, the fear in the air was palpable and people were frightened even to gaze in another persons direction – let alone speak to them from a far. I found this post apocalyptic Britain grim and exhausting, the very air seemed weighted with peoples despair and I couldn’t wait to get back to my little house in the country. 

Being a stationary lover I was delighted to see that my part of cue had delivered me outside WH Smith’s window and so I gazed longingly in the darkened space at the goodies inside and what should I see but this delightful pencil case starring back at me!

BREATHE – the “Happy News” Llama said and so I did.

I took a long – slow – deep breathe in and let it out and realised that throughout the morning – as a result of some unconscious fear of taking in or expelling the invisible virus – I had hardly been breathing at all! I had been seemingly holding my breathe the entire time and as I allowed myself to – breathe in and out – I felt a HUGE amount of tension leave my body and a huge amount of light enter in!

The simple magic and wondrous beauty of that moment brought a little tear to my eye – how marvellous to be guided by the Gods to do something I so NEEDED to do at that moment in time by a plastic pencil case!

This was no cloud angel – no shower of flower petals but for me – at that moment in time – it was much – MUCH more! It was urban magic, simple and yet powerful – synchronicity – serendipity at its finest guiding me to the right place at exactly the right time.

The morals of this tale then are this …

When looking for help from the Universe don’t always look to the stars – sometimes instead look at your feet, or in the local news paper, or in the television adverts for your answer. The Gods move and guide us in mysterious ways and sometimes their miracles are mundane – but never the less miraculous.

And also … BREATHE! Breathe in and out – in and out – letting in light and releasing darkness. It is such a simple and yet POWERFUL thing to do and something – one way or the other – that the virus seems to want to prevent us from doing! So don’t let it defeat us in this aim. 

Breathe is life – breathe IS power and breathe is liberation!

Breathe … and set yourself free!

After all .. the Happy Llama tells you to!

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