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Birds do it … Bee’s do it … Even educated Flea’s do it … Let’s do it … Lets Zoom a Workshop!

I’m writing this blog NOT to shamelessly promote my own work (alright maybe a little) BUT largely to answer a few questions that people have been asking me about Zoom workshops and what they are like. Needless to say I can only speak about the work that I do on Zoom and not anyone else!

I have to confess – although Zoom has literally allowed me to pay my rent these past 5 months – it’s not the perfect replacement for an in person workshop or lecture.

I enjoy performing – singing – dressing up for the day – spraying people with Angie Wardby’s aura sprays – partner work – the meet and greet and coffee, biscuits and lunch. Although not all these things are missing from a Zoom experience (you can have biscuits and lunch if you’d like – they just have to be your own) so are not possible!

For instance these days I find I only dress to impress from the nipples upwards – thats all that can be seen on screen – and below the waist I’m usually in shorts or … dare I say it … sweat pants!

BUT as alternatives go – in this era of social distancing – it’s the nearest dam thing we are going to get! And by no means as bad as you might fear … or at least – I like to think – not the way Andrew and I do it!

Firstly you don’t have to have your camera or your microphone switched on! AND you don’t really have to watch me waving my arms around on the screen like Magnus Pike (remember him)? 

You can – if you would like – simply sit back – carry on with your knitting or your oil painting (or ironing if it were me) and treat it like an audio only podcast – downing tools to do the meditations of course. Granted I occasionally show pretty pictures but an occasional upwards glance will take care of these – and to be honest more often than not I only do this to show off how Zoom savvy I’ve become of late!

And although I encourage people to ask questions – and you would need to unmute yourself – “YOU NEED TO UNMUTE YOURSELF!!!” a phrase that haunts me in my dreams – you can alternately email me with your questions if you’d rather not speak at all – as I am ALWAYS happy to answers questions via email after the event!

Then there’s the ticket thing … Andrew and I know these are trying times financially – after all we are going through them too and as we both came from meagre up bringings we like to think we understand the value of money. This is why our workshops are kept at a minimum cost – just £40 for a full days workshop – and our lectures and meditations between £10 and £15!

Also ticket price to our events is PER HOUSEHOLD rather than per person which means you can have as many people crammed around your screen as your “bubble” allows and you would only have to pay once! Imagine the nice little earner you could be onto! You could charge a small fee, extra for pop corn, hot dogs and G&T’s and Bobs your uncle – you’ve a little cottage industry on your hands!

That was a joke by the way!

Also when lockdown first started I did a little opinion poll with the “edwinettes” (my unofficial official fan club) to determine just how long people felt they could endure in front of their computer screen before their heads exploded and it was determined that a 4 hour workshop day WAS IT! So we have four – 1 hour – sessions divided by ten minute comfort breaks and an hours lunch which gives people a breather from the dreaded screen!

Finally then there’s the big question – how does it feel to do a workshop by PC (personal computer) … well so far the feed back is good! Very good in fact!! People still feel the energy, go deep into the meditations, enjoy the experiences within the exercises and feel the presence of the channelled communicator! I know right!! I was as surprised as you are!!

Still not convinced? Ok here’s the last of my “hard sell” – we also offer FOR FREE to all those who attend an audio recording of the workshop (minus anyone else voice save mine – they are painstakingly edited out) PLUS a PDF copy of my workshop notes – which are typed out in long hand INCLUDING the meditation scripts – so you can use them at home or with your own groups! 

We EVEN use specially composed meditation music – by Andrew – which he offers for FREE download as license free music for you also to use at home!

And we throw in a free Unicorn … ok … that last bit was a lie!

The truth is folks for a wee while at least social distancing is here to stay which means that in person workshops are out! Also cash is going to be tight as we plough on but the spiritual need remains and so Zoom services – such as those that we offer – are not only (I think) good value but also an excellent service to those in spiritual need. We have taken ALL of our work online for the rest of the year and so far it has been a godsend for us and has proven to be a lifeline to others!

So don’t knock it before you’ve tried it people – you never know – you just might become a Zoom devotee!

**PLEASE NOTE – the above conditions apply to MY conducted ONLY from MY WEBSITE and not in conjunction with any other organisation that I might work with or for – MANY THANKS**

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