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All Change … all change!

It would be foolish to think that the last five months haven’t changed us all in some way or another. From our behaviour to our feelings and our perceptions of ourself and the world in which we live – to the way that we view mortality and life. But what else might have changed as a result of the global pandemic and lockdown?

I have been “seeing” the energy system of the human body since I was 18 years old – the aura, the chakras and the meridians and then latterly the energy cocoon and axiatonal lines (universal meridians) and of late I have noticed changes!

As a result of the extreme mental and emotional pressures – not to mention the psychical strain – peoples energy systems have shifted to compensate and as far as I can tell – for the foreseeable future at least – the shift seems to be permanent!

Although many people can’t see the energy system or feel it (or even know or believe that it exists) IT IS REAL and to a certain degree accounts for peoples behaviour, actions and reactions to people and the world around them. Secondly for all those healers and therapists out there – charged with realigning and balancing their clients – this “new normal” needs to be known. To be catalogued and worked with – rather than against – in order to ensure that the new chakric balance – which may be for the greater good of the client – is what needs too be temporarily enforced rather than worked against!

Of course it is essential to understand that each and every person is different – an individual that needs to be treated as such – and so the healer is advised to work always in accordance with the will of the Higher Self and the Body Consciousness in order to achieve what is ultimately – uniquely – right for the client rather than following some formulaic model. However trends within the energy system do show up from time to time and sometimes need to be recognised, acknowledge and adhered to.

Lets have a quick look then at what seems to be going on in the average persons energy system at this moment in time …

The Root Chakra seems to be overcompensating for the dreamy state that many entered into in lockdown – the self hibernating, sleepy, day dreamy phase that many went through when they suddenly found themselves with less to do and a great deal of time on their hands – or as a result of them seeking refuge from reality in sleep and fantasy. Now we are venturing back out into the world this enlarged Root Chakra probably doesn’t need to be quite so charged and the energy that the has been pumped into it might now be better redirected elsewhere.

The Sacral Centre has also been enlarged – trying to balance the holistic energy field and keep the individual stabilised, providing them with a steady flow of energy that would ensure them the stamina to “go the distance”. This chakra seems in many to have become exhausted or “fried” and may need a boost and a balance in order to help it recover.

The Solar Plexus too – the second mouth of the energy body responsible for feeding the system with prana – has also in many become exhausted – for others it may have almost shut down completely in order to shield them from the negative psychic energy that was so in abundance. This then too needs charging and balancing in some in order to replenish them and help them reintegrate with society by opening them back up to the now more positive psychic energy and feedback that is out there.

For some the heart expanded during lockdown as they reached out psychically to their distanced loved ones and as they opened their hearts in compassion to the suffering. In others the heart shrank to shield them making them a little cold and callous and self centred in their world view. In some then here balance and energy is also required – though those shielding still may need to stay exactly where they are – heart wise – in order to remain “connected” on some level with the outside world.

The Throat Chakra and the mental body has taken quite a battering – bombarded with news, endeavouring to discern truth from lies as well as all the phone calls, zooming and skyping we’ve been doing lately – for many it is exhausted and needs healing, charging and balancing as it has shrunk and shrunk and shrunk until in some it is almost non existent – isolating them even further from being able to communicate. 

I myself have suffered here as my entire work has become digitised and found the need to not only shield this chakra more but also energise it in order to minimise burnout.

Brow centres have faired well and remain normally balanced – only those within the minds of the paranoid – fearful that the disease might be hiding around every corner – have struggled as their chakras have engorged as they attempted to discern reality from fantasy. Their sixth sense having gone into overdrive in order to protect them, straining their perception and making it difficult for them to disengage. for them the Brow needs healing and rebalancing – returning to its normal size and shape.

Crown centres have also enlarged as mankind has sought faith and hope and divine inspiration, connection with spirit and the dearly departed causing an upsurge in energy which has in part triggered the Base centre’s over compensation too. Heaven and Earth have always needed a delicate balance in order to ensure that one doesn’t either become too material – eating too much, shopping too much and obsessing over the world or too flighty – loosing oneself to meditation, fanciful spacey theories and the realms of light as an escape – rather than a solution – for present times. Balance then for some here being as always the key!

Humanity has always been a creature of adaption, its shadow DNA some say holding the evolutionary keys that have and will again enable it to survive in new challenging conditions. Maybe then too we will find in time that new powers and abilities develop in order to make us more alert to this new invisible enemy or indeed to the untruths that seem to be in abundance at the moment making life even more difficult than it needs to be.

Either way be careful with yourself and don’t be too quick to endeavour to return your system back to the way it was as for some the way it is – is the way it needs to be! As always be intuitive in your personal healing and the healing of others and always check as and when you can with the Higher Power watching over yourself or those you are healing in order to make sure you are doing what is needed rather than what is expected. We have a long road ahead of us and a long recovery too – who knows what lies around the corner and what challenges we are yet to find. 

Be open then to new truths and new expectations, new needs and indeed new normals and … as my dear old mum would say … cut your cloth to suit!




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