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How exactly do Angels guide us?

Many – many – people work with and call upon the Angels these days – in fact in a recent study (2016) a third of Britons said that they believed they had a Guardian Angel, whilst one in ten claimed they had contact with one!!

But how exactly do the Angels guide and steer us?

Of course their first port of call is direct contact or as direct as it can possibly be depending upon personal ability. Some people can see and hear the Angels – making communication easy whilst others have to rely upon dreams, visions (often experienced whilst day dreaming, falling to sleep or when first waking) or of course omens and portents.

Dreams, omens and portents can be tricky though as they depend upon the individual recognising them as some attempt at communication – not always easily done no matter how seemingly obvious it might be from a spiritual persons perspective. After all most “muggles” might never contemplate that they are important enough to warrant a divine intervention of this kind.

PLUS there’s interpretation!

Even if someone does start to gather that someone or something is trying to communicate with them how are they expected to know how to interpret the signs and symbols they receive.

Granted these days with the internet its far easier than ever it used to be but most people wouldn’t even think to look!

So … what is the other alternative?

Well the Angels have the power to “hold us” in states of truth and peace – states that enable us to be more in contact with our Soul – the Higher Self that steers us true on our life path and purpose and states of alignment with our “knowing” that enables us to recognise the truth within and understand that we have always known the right thing to do! 

Of course this is best experienced when we are still and calm but even when we have few moments like this during the day we always pass through them as we move in and out of sleep and so often it is what we feel as we “drop off” and wake up that can be our true guide and compass!

As this is then for the individual – steered by their Guardian Angel – so too is it the case for those who lead and guide our nations – though they are steered by the Aneglic Princes – the Sarim – who were created by the Divine to watch over the various countries and nations of the world. Of course here the process becomes even more tricky as the Angels as tasked with not just steering one person but a whole host of people, politicians, civil servants, political advisors and campaigners, religious leaders, unions and industrialists – not to men the will of the masses!

Here then we can be of help to both the Sarim and the Divine (and of course for the greater good of the world) something we will be exploring in my up and coming workshop on the Sarim on the 16th of August – see link below.

Despite this then it is important to realise and recognise that each and every person has their part to play in the unfolding of the Divine design – the Divine Plan – whether you recognise it, see it or not! And so finding time – every now and then – to centre yourself and calm yourself and ask to be guided by your Guardian Angel is not a bad idea – as well as of course when you really need help. 

Once petitioned they are bound by Divine Law to assist and in silence and stillness will make their presence and their guidance known – one way or another – be still then, look and listen and go within and trust sometimes that the solution that you feel in your heart is also the Angels truth reflected upon you like the light of the shining Moon.

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