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Sometimes it’s right … until it’s wrong!

Following the heart – as we are oft guided to do on the spiritual path – is not always an easy thing!

Not only is the heart often clouded by the head but sometimes too the heart can seem to be a fickle thing!

What I mean by this is that we can be coasting along on our path and journey through life – happy, content, blissful even and then BAM! Suddenly something is wrong! Something that previously was ABSOLUTELY fine!

Knowing why this is – is not always easy! Is it a karmic thing – rising to the surface because the Soul has prompted it too or because of someone we’ve bumped into or a place we’ve visited? Is it an astrological thing – a conjunction somewhere that has suddenly and silently slid into place? Is it simply time for us to move on, move away, do something different OR see something more clearly than we have before?

Whatever the reason – and there is absolutely no guarantee that we will ever find out what it is – suddenly the heart is telling us to do something different. To leave the job, leave the partner, embrace our dreams, investigate a new path or foster a new idea.

Needless to say this can be INCREDIBLY disconcerting as usually – as and when this happens – the nagging feeling won’t go away but rather only grows more powerful as time goes on until we have given it some head time.

As confusing and disgruntling as this can be for we spiritually aware people imagine how disturbing it is for those without any spiritual understanding! It can feel very much like a breakdown or at the very least some mental aberration often leading these people to seek help from a Doctor – rather than a guide – resulting in them ignoring the wisdom from the heart and ploughing on. Shoe horning themselves back into a life which in truth no longer fits as nicely as it once did before.

So what to do when these feelings strike?

Firstly don’t ignore them – however strange they might feel, however vague or nonsensical it is imperative that you “hear out the heart” and pay attention to the string urge inside.

Secondly don’t act straight away – there is nothing worse than a knee jerk reaction and although you might be one of those – tear the band aid off – type of people by far the best thing you can do for yourself is to give yourself time to see if this strange mood passes or persists – even if the reason why doesn’t make itself clear.

Thirdly seek guidance (but remember it is ultimately you who must make the decision) – turn to your Tarot or Oracle Cards, your Rune Stones or listen to your dreams, ask for signs and omens, for portents and symbols or go see a reader for advice. Still – no matter what you see or are given remember it is YOU who must makes the decision in regards to what you feel and NOT because someone has told you too.

Fourth test the waters (if you can) – try out the guidance you have settled on. Not always easy – not always doable but sometimes a trial separation, a sabbatical, a stay away can help you crystallise if indeed this is the right thing for you and …

Fifth – act! As and when and if you are sure – do it – act – trust your heart and go for it. Granted the people around you might think you’re bonkers BUT the wisdom of the heart is more often than not the wisdom that will steer you right – the compass of your Soul that is there to direct you as to where you need to be going.

Take a deep breath then – listen to the heart and trust and know that it speaks with the voice of the Divine!

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