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The Weary Soul

Many of us are aware that we have been here before – that we have lived lives in the past, cycling through gender and class, wealth and poverty, sickness and health.

Many of us know that we have lived before in palaces and temples, hovels and on the street, fending for ourselves and being cared for. Treated like royalty and treated like dirt and so the cycle goes on. Round and around the wheel we travel experiencing life, contributing to the world, learning and growing and moving closer and closer to ascension as we do.

For the mature and the old soul – those who have had 500 plus previous lives – a symptom can begin to emerge called Soul Weariness – where by the mundane needs of life – like eating and drinking and washing and cooking, cleaning and working – which we have all done a million, billion, trillion  times before can become almost unbearable in its monotony.

We find ourselves longing for those easier days when our lives were more singularly focused, when as Priests and Priestesses our world needs were cared for and our spiritual gifts valued or when even as slaves our roles were clearly marked out and expectations placed upon us and held by us in life simple – however servile those lives might have been. 

We begin to resent the complicated multifaceted, multitasking lives we live now and the high expectations placed upon us by society and the self. The seemingly inconsequential things we have to do in order to exist in it – small things – every day things can rise up like looming mountains – too big and too tedious to climb and we can find ourselves slinking back into inactivity, lack of motivation and depression and we long to return home to spirit. 

So what is the solution to this weariness?

The Soul … the Soul is the key!

Anchoring ourselves in the Souls light can set us free from such exhaustion by renewing our passion, motivation and energy and putting is contact with the fullness of the eternity of our presence rather than just the half remembered hollow memories that we might be suffering under the weight of and therefore anything and everything we can do to align ourself to its energy on a daily basis is advisable.

Whether this be reciting mantras like the Om Mani Padme Om or intonements like the Ruach Elohim or using visualisations such as going vertical up through the Chakras to the Soul Star or journeying inwards to the Soul through the heart. Or working with the Merkabah or wearing Soul Stones like Amethyst, Obsidian or Moldavite – which is EXCELLENT for grounding the Souls light!

Whatever it might be – do it and do it now! For when the weariness strikes every second counts before you might find yourself overwhelmed with exhaustion and spiralling out of control into that long dark night of the Soul! Our ancient nature can be our friend and others salvation if only we learn to manage our memory and counteract its lies and deceit.

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