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The Universe Wants You To SUCEED!

Sometimes the Universe feels as if it is against us!

Every turn we make, every decision, every attempt to succeed or do good feels thwarted and we can feel blighted, defeated and cursed!

But the truth is that the universe WANTS us to succeed! It wants us to live happy and abundant lives filled with joy and wonder, health and love! This is after all how things used to be – way back when in the Garden of Eden (Lemuria) we lived hand in hand with the Gods and it is how the Divine hopes things will be again in the New Earth of the new future!

So why then sometimes does it feel as if the very opposite of this vision of utopia is what the Divine has planned for us and what can we do about it?

The truth is there are several reasons …

  1. KARMA – sometimes it is our karma – karmic wounds, karmic oaths, karmic ties – that are preventing us from embracing our abundance! Karma which has been left unresolved, that needs healing and harmonising before we can move forwards. Karmic oaths of poverty, silence and obedience that make it difficult for us to embrace our fortune, speak our truth or stand in our power. Or karmic ties that connect us – unhealthily – to people and places that prevent us from moving forwards on our destined path! These issues then need to be identified – one way or another – and resolved, either by yourself or with the aid of a hypnotherapist or Akashic Records Reader and very possibly even a karmic healer.
  2. ENERGY –  in order to align with the guidance of the Soul and the Divine – via the synchronicities and serendipities that they might arrange and send to steer us WE need to be in a good energy space. Our vibration high and our energy reserves – which are partly used in this manifestation – charged up! Take sometime then in nature, by the sea, doing your Yoga or Tai chi, meditating or simply thinking positively with the help of affirmations or mantras to up your spiritual wattage and increase your personal power – IT WILL MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE!
  3. INTUITION – listen to your own guidance – above and beyond what anyone else might say! Listen to your heart, to the small still voice of your Soul and follow its lead – it WILL NOT steer you wrong! It’s easy when we are feeling lost and unsure to give our power away to others and let them decide what might be best for us when in truth ONLY WE CAN KNOW! Take your time – don’t react but rather act – but only as and when YOU are sure what YOU want to do!
  4. RESISTANCE – we have to look at how we might be blocking the flow of abundance that might be coming to us. Are we in doubt? In denial? do we not feel worthy of abundance and good fortune? Might you be closed to this because there is a part of us that doesn’t want to succeed? Resistance isn’t always that hidden, sometimes with just the gentlest of prods it can be revealed but if you are having trouble consider wether calling to the Archangel Ratziel for help – the great revealer – or seeing a good psychic reader might help!
  5. CHANGE – sometimes when things aren’t flowing its because – for one reason or another – they just aren’t meant to be! They aren’t what the Soul or the Divine wants for us and although we might not see or understand why – at that moment in time – we may see clearly in the future. sometimes then we have to concede and realise that we are being redirected, reorientated – moved in a different direction and it is THIS direction that we need in our life at the moment and not that which we want!
  6. And finally – HOLDING THE VISION – manifestation comes when we hold the vision of our desire in faith and trust, trust in the Divine and also – MOST IMPORTANTLY –  trust in ourself to get the job done and manifest that which we desire! Look for the signs from the universe of encouragement AND the signs that might guide and steer you on your way and – as Dory the fish says in Finding Nemo – “Just keep swimming … just keep swimming …”

These are just a few steps – a few suggestions BUT they are a start and if you can follow them, trust them (and yourself) they might be enough or at least the beginning in setting you free and starting you moving forwards on your way!

Even in these EXCEPTIONAL times the Universe wants you to succeed – so engage with its flow, take heart, take courage and TRUST! 

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